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We've all been there: Starting a first episode of a new series, followed by a second, which ultimately leads to us bingeing on five years worth of episodes in a matter of weeks. Perhaps you've recently finished your latest binge watch or perhaps your looking for a new obsession - fear not, my fellow TV addicts, I have compiled this list of shows that are just waiting to become your next obsession. Hopefully, what ever genre you like, there will be something for you.

1. Medium

Having been lucky enough to have watched Medium when it originally aired, I can honestly say that it is one of the greatest TV series' that I've ever watched. Engrossing from the very first episode. Medium follows the story of medium Allison DuBois (A fictionalised version of the real one), who works for the District Attorney's office, using her psychic abilities and dreams to catch criminals and prevent the wrong person from going to prison. DuBois is played incredibly by Patricia Arquette, who won an Emmy award for her role. Medium ran for a total of seven seasons, and accumulated a total of 130 episodes. Not bad considering NBC initially cancelled the series in it's prime (despite high ratings), luckily CBS swooped in and renewed it for another two brilliant seasons. If you're ready to get engrossed in the supernatural, make sure you book a week off work, as once you start, you won't be able to stop.

You'll like Medium if you enjoyed: Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, Tru Calling, Constantine.

2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

If you haven't seen Buffy by now (and why the hell not?) then stop what you are doing and go straight to Netflix. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is easily one of the greatest TV series ever invented, often topping online lists and polls as the greatest show ever. Following high school student Buffy Summers, the series tells the story of a young girl who has been chosen as "the slayer" - who must fight the vampires and the demons, who possesses greater strength than normal humans. The series is a cult classic, and made stars out of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan and David Boreanaz . Buffy ran for seven seasons from 1997-2003. Over the seven years it ran, Buffy often delivered some of the most memorable scenes and episodes in the history of television. Episodes such as Hush, Once More with Feeling (the incredible musical episode) and the series finale Chosen will forever be remembered as groundbreaking. If you haven't had the pleasure of Buffy, I urge you to stop what you are doing and engross yourself in a world that has become like a second home to TV viewers for almost twenty years.

You'll like Buffy if you enjoyed: ANYTHING!!

3. Glee

If you somehow managed to resist watching Glee over the six years that it aired, then perhaps now is the time to finally give it a chance. If you are one of those people who hated the idea of Glee when it first aired then I totally get your hesitation, I was one of those people too. However, back in 2010, I caught the first episode on repeat and I have to say that I was totally taken aback by how good it was. The show follows the members of a high school glee club from it's inception, through high school showchoir competition, to graduation and ultimately beyond, fulfilling their dreams post high school. Glee became a ratings success and their covers of popular songs topped the charts week on week. Despite being the one to watch back in 2009 with a fanbase that rivalled One Direction, Glee had a rocky run. With often strange episodes and unusual creative decisions in the later episodes, the ratings began to decline. However, even with declining ratings and the death of one of it's main stars, Glee still managed to keep it's head above water and culminated in one of the greatest series finales I've ever seen. Being described as one of the most revolutionary shows of all time, Glee always took on serious issues that were rarely shown on network television at the time (e.g. learning disabilities, coming out, transgenderism, teen pregnancy, gay-bashing), The show made stars out of Lea Michele, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer and ultimately became one of the most celebrated shows of all time. Moreover, Glee also started off the careers of 'supergleeroes', Grant Gustin (The Flash) and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), who both featured as supporting characters during the series run. Trust me, Glee will have you falling in love and singing along quicker than you can say Don't Stop Believin'.

You'll like Glee if you enjoyed: Gilmore Girls, Smash, Scream Queens, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story.

4. Supernatural

If you're lucky enough to have avoided spoilers, then I recommend bingeing on Supernatural. Originally recommended to me by a friend, I binged on the first five seasons of Supernatural in a little over a month. The storylines, the foreshadowing and the writing are all top notch and of course Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are excellent. The show follows Sam and Dean Winchester, demon hunters, who are initially looking for their father, who has mysteriously disappeared. Hunting demons along the way, the brothers realises that this is their true calling and that the world depends on them more than they know. As the show was originally intended to only last five years, the storylines from season 6 onwards are not as compelling, but you'll be too in love with the show by that point to care. The earlier seasons are a great throwback to classic horror, and the show itself is filmed in such a way that everything seems dark and bleak, reflecting it's great storylines.

You'll like Supernatural if you enjoyed: Constantine, Lucifer, Ghost Whisperer, The Vampire Diaries, Medium

5. Happy Valley

Perhaps the most compelling of all the series listed, Happy Valley is an edge of seat British crime drama set in Yorkshire, following Sergeant Catherine Cawood. Cawood's demons come back to haunt her when the man responsible for her daughters death is released from prison, at the same time she investigates a brutal kidnapping, but the two incidents are more related than Cawood knows. Happy Valley may be a Netflix Original in the States, but it was first broadcast on BBC in 2014. This BAFTA award winning show received critical acclaim, with Daily Mail commenting that "every installment has been unmissable". The series is excellently written by Sally Wainwright, with every episode having you on the edge of your seat. Happy Valley is easily the greatest nail biter of a show that I have ever seen. The bonus of getting addicted to Happy Valley is that there are only six episodes, so you could watch them all in one sitting. Never fear, however, as the second series is currently airing on BBC in the UK, and should be with Netflix later in the year.

Happy Valley stars the incomparable BAFTA winning Sarah Lancashire (Last Tango in Halifax) and rising star James Norton (Grantchester, War and Peace, Life in Squares)

You'll like Happy Valley if you enjoyed: Fargo, 24, London Spy, Grantchester or if you simply enjoy heart racing, well written drama.

Well that's all folks! Hopefully there is something in the above selection for everybody. If you want my opinion, start with Happy Valley, which, for me, was the television highlight of this past year. Whether you like action or romance, thriller or horror, hopefully this article will have aided you in the search for your next Netflix obsession!


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