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Surprise surprise, Wade Wilson's unorthodox adventures smashed yet another box office record. Deadpool is only in its third week and is already the highest grossing R-rated comic book movie of all time, with $235 million earned domestically and $491 million worldwide — a record that was previously held by 300 ($456 million).

Soon To Be The Highest Grossing R-Rated Film Ever

That means it's also well on its way to becoming the highest grossing R-rated film ever, surpassing The Passion of the Christ.


Are you not impressed? If you need more "biggest" and "highest" and "tops," you'll be happy to know that Deadpool is the biggest X-Men movie, the biggest opening of an R-rated movie, the first R-rated opening weekend to top $100 million domestically, the biggest IMAX 2D opening worldwide, the biggest opening of 2016 (all right, that one's easy since it's February), and the biggest opening weekend ever for 20th Century Fox.

'Deadpool' Even Beat Star Wars

Let's not forget that it snatched the spot for biggest opening in Russia by frickin' beating The Force Awakens.

Batman v Superman v Deadpool

Time to see if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is scheduled for March and has been aiming at grossing $380 million at the domestic box office, will beat the trophy-holding red-suited phenomenon.

Defying All Expectations

Deadpool is the story of mercenary Wade Wilson, who submits himself to a sort of mutant-factory experiment when he learns he has cancer. Transformed into a sarcastic antihero, he uses his new superpowers to get revenge on the man responsible for his torture. While it took years to release the movie amidst fears that an R-rated comic book type wouldn't be successful enough, the movie's refreshing, self-aware take on the classic superhero tale has been a real tsunami in an ocean of family-friendly films.

Do you think 'Deadpool' deserves such success?

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