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Michael Jackson is the undisputed King of Pop. With a career spanning decades, over 300 million records shifted and Thriller being the best selling album of all time with 65 million copies sold, it's hard to argue against that.

But Did You Know, MJ Almost Played Some Of The Biggest Roles In Hollywood?

Wait a minute, what? You mean Moonwalker wasn't one of the biggest roles in cinema? Well no, not quite.

Jackson was obviously keen to expand his acting credentials, even though glimpses of his ability were seen in his music videos. For example, he was a great zombie in Thriller. And who wasn't impressed by MJ's nuanced, I'm-a-tough-guy-with-a-sensitive-side-and-vulnerabilities performance in Bad?

But it was time for the man to step up to the plate and join the big hitters.

Right now you've probably stopped breathing due to unbearable excitement, so before you lose consciousness, let's look at who MJ could've played.

1. Starring, Michael Jackson as... Spider-Man!

Move over Tobey Maguire. Move over Andrew Garfield. Move over, erm, Tom Holland. Yup, Michael Jackson was close to playing our good friend Spidey.

But how the hell did this come about, and why didn't it happen? Well, back in the late 1990s, Jackson, who was a huge fan of comic books, was considering buying Marvel outright. Stan Lee felt that Jacko would've played the role himself if the bid was successful.

Stan Lee and Michael Jackson
Stan Lee and Michael Jackson

Back in 2009 when interviewed at the San Diego Comic-Con, Lee said:

"I had been to his place in Neverland. He wanted to do Spider-Man. I'm not sure whether he just wanted to produce it or wanted to play the role. Our conversation never got that far along."

When asked if he thought MJ would take the role, Lee replied: "I suspect so." Wow! I think my head just exploded.

2. Starring Michael Jackson as... Doctor Who!

Starting to get a bit weird now, right? Well, this one actually carries more weight, as it was cited in a memoir that Paramount studios, who was producing a Doctor Who film, had named Michael as their number one choice.

The film was being considered in 1988. At that time Jackson had just starred in Moonwalker, and clearly producers felt he'd make a good time-traveling Space Lord. Plus, everyone knew he was good at moonwalking.

MJ in Moonwalker
MJ in Moonwalker

Unfortunately the film fell through. If the film did go ahead and MJ refused to take part, the reliable back-up option was Bill Cosby. The less said about that the better.

3. And Finally, The Last And Most Definitely The Weirdest... Michael Jackson As... Jar Jar Binks!

Ahmed Best in full Jar Jar mode
Ahmed Best in full Jar Jar mode

Are you still there? Yeah? Great, let's persevere. So MJ himself genuinely wanted to feature as the much maligned Star Wars character in The Phantom Menace. According to the man who played him, Ahmed Best.

When attending a Jackson concert at Wembley, he had the fortune of meeting the singer, only to find himself on the receiving end of some seriously bad vibes.

He later questioned Star Wars creator George Lucas on why Jackson appeared to have a strong dislike for him. He said:

"Michael wanted to do the part, but he wanted to do it in prosthetics and makeup like Thriller. George wanted to do it in CGI. My guess is ultimately Michael Jackson would have been bigger than the movie, and I don't think he wanted that."

Let's just take a second to digest this. Jar Jar Binks could've been Michael Jackson in makeup. Imagine. Just imagine that.


If you could've seen MJ perform one of these roles, which one would it be?

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