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The British horror franchise Hellraiser is instantly recognizable. Based upon Clive Barker's novella The Hellbound Heart, the story of a torturous, hell-like fantasy world has terrified generations across nine feature films since the original in 1987.

With news of a tenth film, Hellraiser X: Judgement, being produced, one of the first questions is inevitably: who will play Pinhead? The Cenobite leader isn't just a walking DIY experiment gone wrong, oh no. He's also one of the most sadistic characters seen on screen.

There'll Be No Bradley This Time

Doug Bradley nailed the role for the first eight films, and for many, the actor and the character are synonymous. Bradley was replaced by Stephan Smith Collins for Revelations, and unfortunately won't be returning for the new film.

According to a Facebook post by Bradley, he was required to sign a gagging order before reading the script, which led him to decline. In response, Bloody Disgusting report that director Gary Tunnicliffe had hoped Bradley would play the role, and that non-disclosure agreements are fairly standard practice.

A New Actor Confirmed

Following Bradley turning the role down, Tunnicliffe has found another actor to play the iconic role. He said:

"A few weeks later, we found him: a classically trained stage and film actor who brings a great physical presence and more than a hint of Peter Cushing and Ralph Fiennes. I can’t wait to get him bound in leather, gridded up and in front of the camera and on screens!"

'We Have A Fun Script'

As well as the Cushing and Fiennes hybrid, A Nightmare On Elm Street victim Heather Langenkamp will be joining the cast. Director Tunniccliffe, who has spent the majority of his 23 year career working in FX, promised fans his Hellraiser offering will be worth the watch. He said:

“I know we can NEVER make a film as great as the first two HELLRAISER’s, I wouldn’t even attempt to do so, but I think we have a fun script here an opportunity with an amazing cast and crew to give you all something that feels a little familiar, a little different, completely terrifying and is a worthy part of the HELLRAISER Canon… oh and of course if you want blood?… well you’ve got it!”

'Hellraiser X: Judgement' will be released in 2017.

Are you a Hellraiser fan? What are your thoughts on a tenth film?

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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