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If you can't wait until Thursday for the seventh episode of Colony, you can get at least a little taste of what's in store for Will and Katie in these new sneak peek and promo videos.

Katie Could Soon Be Exposed

While Katie reaffirms her loyalty to Broussard, Will seems to be getting closer and closer to the truth about his wife... who could either have shot at or gotten shot by a mysterious figure in her house.

The Redhats Are Trapped By A Mysterious Explosion

The second preview shows Will and the Redhats storming a house, but the attack goes awry — the house just explodes!

'Colony's' First Season

Colony, which has recently earned an order for a second season, depicts the occupation of Los Angeles in the near future by an extraterrestrial invader. It stars Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as Will and Katie, a couple who got separated from their son Charlie during the invasion. However, their common search for him takes a different turn as Will seems to have been forced to join the ranks of the occupying force, while Katie hides her allegiance to the Resistance from him.

How long do you think it will take Will to find out about Katie's true allegiance?

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