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I read this article and comments before i made any decision to take my boy with me to this movie or not. My son has been to many movies with me, Interstellar, Martian, Star Wars, and a couple mildly intense movies. He was all very interested and loved every second of it. But this movie gave me a pause after reading all the hypes. So i went to check it out myself and wanted to know if i can devise a strategy of having him around watching this movie without exposing him to the intense part. Here is my findings: The movie itself is absolutely fun to watch. As opposed to people saying Deadpool is an antihero, the movie actually protrait him in a complex way, which makes explaining his heroism difficult to a 3 year old. The sex scene i can take my kid outside before it is on. The language is none issue for me as my son is not native english speaker, so small chance he wil pick up any unpleseant word. But the problem is the almost non stop violence. Now everyone goes through an awakening of some sorts to the horrors of this world. It makes us vigilent and is a neccessry part of growth and understanding the world around us. However, explaining the violence is IMPOSSIBLE for my three old. I believe the job gets easier as the kid is older, but for a really young kid, it is impossible to explain the violence. It is a rude awakening rather than a gentle awakening. And I assume it is more difficult to some kid than others due to different stages of experienced learnt from life. I mean, I am totally projecting myself showing some of the really horrible stuff around the Internet to my boy when he gets old enough. It would provoke his learning and broaden his perspectives, BUT I take it seriously as a sort of ritual-ish of coming to adulthood with me being the mentor to help protect him from the excessive negativeness of it. NOT the fan/casual way this movie makes it out to be. This is a serious subject. To kids who are un-initiated or really sensitive, this is a bad movie to take them to. Finally, I would say graphical violence or even adult language does not make your kid go bad. YOU do. BAD PARENTING makes your kid go bad. No amount of violent movies will make your kid grow up to be sociopath, but please understand the difference when I say it, the contents of this movie make parenting, which is already a hard job as it is, that much harder. You kid would eventually garner something positive out of it if you are a good parent, but why take that risk? Why risk having it does something unexpected to your kid if he is not ready? In the end, me and my wife decided we would take turns to watch this movie with her watching it tomorrow and me taking my son to play. When he is old enough and already initiated into the violence of the world, I would gladly watch it again with him. It is a darn good movie.

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