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The announcement of the 2017 Star Trek show prompted much excitement among fans, and wishlists for the series are being created about as quickly as tribbles breed. Expectations are high, especially now that renowned Trekkie Bryan Fuller has been announced as showrunner.

So far, the discussion of what we want to see in the new show has focused mainly on the setting (Prime Timeline, please) and the plot. But with Star Trek Beyond set to focus mainly on new alien races, it's time to look back to the species from the TV shows which definitely need some development. So here are the aliens we'd love to see feature in the new series!


The Romulans were first introduced in The Original Series, and they've featured in every Star Trek show since.

Nemesis wasn't great, but these uniforms were good.
Nemesis wasn't great, but these uniforms were good.

Despite that, we've never really had much development of the Romulan culture. Each show has a few races they shine a spotlight on: The Original Series and Enterprise both looked at the Vulcan way of life, The Next Generation featured plenty of Klingon politics, and an exploration of their society through the character of Worf, and Deep Space Nine spent years developing the Cardassians and Bajorans, and Voyager featured the Borg heavily. But the Romulans were always there on the sidelines, the sneaky and militaristic antagonists with occasional tenuous allegiances with the Federation.

It would be nice for one of the regular characters in the new show to be a Romulan, which would allow us as an audience to discover what has changed in their society since we last saw them. Are they allies with the Federation? Have they finally unified with Vulcan? And how would a Romulan Starfleet officer be received by their peers? This might be a golden oldie species, but it's still one we'd like to see more of.


Although one of the main characters of The Next Generation is half-Betazoid (Counselor Deanna Troi), we actually know very little about this race.

Deanna & Lwaxana Troi on Betazed
Deanna & Lwaxana Troi on Betazed

We don't know how Betazed joined the Federation, or what their culture is like, aside from the fact that they seem to have a hierarchical structure of ruling families (and they perform marriages in the nude). Betazed seems to be peaceful, but it would be nice to learn more about their history. And with their talents of empathy and telepathy, there's plenty of potential to tap into.


The Bolians can be found throughout the Star Trek shows, and with their blue skin they're an easily recognisable quintessentially Trek species. Aside from Mot the barber in The Next Generation, and a few minor characters in other shows, the Bolians mostly form the backdrop of myriad alien races Star Trek is known for.

Dr Crusher treats Mot in TNG
Dr Crusher treats Mot in TNG

The Bolian homeworld was one of the Federation planets which the Dominion attempted to invade during the Dominion War, but their culture has only been briefly touched on by the Trek shows (their philosophy on euthanasia, the Double Effect Principle, was explored in Voyager, so they clearly have a strong ethical standpoint). According to the Star Trek novel Pathways, Bolian skin is highly prized among Cardassians, which implies that the Bolians are subject to being hunted by the oppressive race.

The Bolians provide a bit of a blank slate for the new show to build on, while being one of the most recognisable Trek species. It would be nice to learn more about them, especially considering their ethical principles and the fact that they have often been subject to oppression, whether it be from the Dominion or the Cardassians.


The El-Aurians are an enigmatic and intriguing race: nearly wiped out by the Borg and then the Nexus, the El-Aurians are a peaceful people who are known for being excellent listeners and observers.

Guinan and Picard in Ten Forward
Guinan and Picard in Ten Forward

The Next Generation's Guinan is El-Aurian, and through her role in the show we slowly discover the tragic history of her species. This is expanded on in the film Generations, but most of the details about this race remains mysterious. It's implied that they have a unique perception of time and space, allowing them to sense the natural course of time. It's possible that they possess precognition too: this was hinted at in The Next Generation.

Abilities aside, we never find out what happened to the El-Aurian suvivors of the Borg and the Nexus. Did they ever settle on a Federation colony? With their natural abilities, their tendency to listen, and their interesting history, the El-Aurians are definitely a race we'd like to know more about. In fact, this might be best explored through a main character: this way the show could develop the notion of being the survivor of what was almost genocide.

Bonus: Androids

Artificial intelligence is a fascinating subject, and one which The Next Generation explored at length with the character of Data. But he is not the only android we've seen in Star Trek: the first androids were introduced in the TOS episode What Are Little Girls Made Of.

Androids in What Are Little Girls Made Of
Androids in What Are Little Girls Made Of

Both android creators that we encounter in Star Trek, Dr Noonien Soong and Dr Korby, consider androids to be the future of intelligent life, the next step in evolution. It would be nice to find out how these ideas developed in the universe of Star Trek, and whether more androids were created once Data was accepted into Starfleet. Would they create a culture of their own, or would they prefer to blend in to wider Federation society? Artificial intelligence is definitely a hot topic, and considering the success of 2014's Ex Machina, we'd like to see these ideas explored by the new Trek show.

Are there any aspects of Star Trek you'd like to see in the 2017 series? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


Of these species, which would you rather see in the 2017 Trek show?


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