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Everyone's favorite antihero, Deadpool annihilated the box office in the film's opening weekend and continues to rake in the dough (I have seen it twice). The entire film is incredible, but there are a few choice scenes that make for the perfect GIF, so here are the best GIFs from the Deadpool movie.

The Comedic Reveal

It is no secret that Wade Wilson's face gets a little messed up when Francis (a.k.a Ajax) "cures" him of his cancer, so when he finally reveals his new look to Weasel, the exchange of words makes for a funny few minutes. Another personal favorite would have to be "you look like Freddy Krueger face f*cked a topographical map of Utah".

Art Skills

If you're going to go after a criminal (or the jerk that messed up your face and your life) you need an accurate artist's rendering of your target. This particular scene added to the overall comedic relief of the film. The addition of Deadpool dancing to Salt n Peppa's "Shoop" made the scene even better.

Maximum Effort

Not only is the jumping from a bridge and crashing through the sunroof of an SUV awesome, this scene lead to one of the funniest exchanges of the whole movie.

Have You Seen Francis?

This was one of my personal favorite scenes. The entire car flip scene was hilarious and this scene lead to some pretty epic moments.

3 Bad Guys 1 Bullet

This is the single greatest "kill shot" scene of any comic book themed film. There may have been a lot of laughs leading up to this shot, but all jokes aside, this is one epic moment.

Ground Shot

After being shot in a very "personal" area, Deadpool still manages to pull off another epic shot.

Right Up Main Street

To accompany the above GIF, after being shot in the butt and then killing a man, Deadpool works his way to his feet and finally reveals where he had been shot. This particular scene helped sum up the hilarity of the film.

Self Love

In true Deadpool fashion, once all (well almost all, still no Francis) bad guys are taken out, he puts his guns to his nose and sniffs the smoke. He then tell viewers that he will be giving himself a bit of loving.

Suck It

His smart mouth is not all that makes fans love him, his confident, smart-ass attitude put the cherry on the top of the awesomeness sundae.


What weapon does Deadpool love just as much (maybe even a little more) as guns? His swords. This is one of the most epic uses of his swords is this moment.

Hello Colossus

Deadpool and Colossus have a bit of a love/hate relationship, and some of their banter helped make the film. This first encounter on the highway was a brutal one.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

I love how they brought this character to life. She is one of the most bad-ass female characters to hit the big screen in a long time.

Gratuitous Violence

They call him the merc with the mouth for a reason, and this scene personifies the nickname.


This may be the only chimichanga reference, but the level of epic that ensues after this is insane.

Your Name is Francis

The film's main bad guy, Francis/Ajax, is tough and a real match for Deadpool. This epic fight on the helipad that's not a helipad shows just how tough he is and how far Deadpool will go to save his future baby mama. This scene was choreographed beautifully.

I Have an Idea

This scene shows Deadpool's sweeter side; he put Vanessa's safety above his own, and even though he is virtually indestructible, it's still pretty sweet. This scene was just awesome all around.

Love him or hate him, Deadpool is here to stay (seriously, the sequel has already been written and casting is starting). The first film was insanely epic, and the rumors surrounding its sequel have been pretty awesome (fingers crossed that most of them are true), so I look forward to walking down the Deadpool memory lane again after its premier.


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