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BioShock: The Collection could be releasing very soon on Xbox One and PS4, according to a leak from a South American rating agency.

Brazilian rating body Classificação Indicativa may have jumped the gun a little this weekend when they posted details of a BioShock Collection that will apparently release across all new consoles. There was no specific mention of a PC release, but the ratings do extend across Xbox 360 and PS3 editions.

This totally ties in

Last year South African site Raru posted listings that apparently detailed a Bioshock Collection that would release across Xbox One and PS4. The post was soon deleted but thanks to Google Cache the listing was recovered.

Aside from the title and release date, no further information was available on the listing last year and sadly no further information was released along with the new rating.

It has happened before

This is not the first time that this has happened and certainly not the first for Raru. Last year the South African retailer posted information about Nintendo's Mewtwo amiibo which Nintendo later begrudgingly confirmed to be true.

So, a new Bioshock Collection could be just around the corner for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Is this something that you would want? I certainly can't wait to dive back into Rapture!


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