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courtesy of AMC
courtesy of AMC

After the non-stop action and heartbreaking plot twists in the last episode I wondered where the showrunners would go with the next ep, 'The New World'. That was answered immediately with a pastoral scene of domestic bliss-a picture of Carl (or 'Coral' as Rick says) with little ass-kicker Judith, sporting an eye patch and looking none the worse for wear. It's been 2 months since the loss of Jesse for Rick, and the scene opens with him smiling at a beaming Michonne, fresh out of the shower. Everyone is happy and the sun is shining.

The mission of the day is for Rick and Darryl to make a run for supplies, and everyone has a list - mints and toothpaste for Michonne, soda pop for Denise (a surprise gift for Tara), and sorghum (yes sorghum) for Eugene. And I don't know about you, but I could listen to Eugene wax poetic all day about the wonders of the super grain sorghum-oh and say 'hunky dunky'. Who knew that gluten-free was still a thing in the apocalypse!

While out the boys actually find a barn with 'sorghum' painted on the side, but inside isn't sorghum but a box truck with a treasure trove of everything they came for. On the way back to the camp Darryl spies a soda machine and they stop to get the contents. While they work on the machine a dude leaps out and slams into Rick. Needless to say this doesn't go over well. The fact that he has a bandana over his face doesn't help matters either. He tells them his name is Jesus, and that he's on the run from walkers. Even though he looks really sketchy they allow him to go. 'Gunfire' breaks out behind the building so Rick and Darryl check it out. The gunfire is really firecrackers and the boys realize they were duped.

Jesus is already in the truck and driving away. The boys chase and eventually catch and subdue Jesus, getting control of the truck again. They leave him tied up on the side of the road and gleefully leave him in the dust. But this dude just won't go away-he hitches a ride on the top of the truck!

What follows is the closest thing to slapstick comedy this show will probably ever achieve. Darryl is chasing Jesus around a field while Rick keeps trying to run Jesus over with the truck! It's Tom and Jerry meets Keystone Kops meets Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote. A silly fight ensues, and in the process the truck gets put in neutral and while Darryl and Jesus bash each other the truck rolls into a lake and sinks! Cue the 3 Stooges theme!

Back in A town Michonne sees Deanna's son Spencer steal off into the woods, so she follows out of concern for his safety. They meet and talk about his mom, with whom Michonne also had a close relationship. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Coral leading a walker to them. Much to her horror she realizes that the walker is Deanna. She holds Deanna while Spencer grants her mercy.

Back at the house Michonne confronts Coral about his actions in the woods. Coral says he couldn't kill Deanna-that should be reserved for family-someone who loved her. Then he whispers to Michonne 'I'd do that for you.' They hug and she tells Coral 'Me too.'

Now the good stuff! Michonne and Rick collapse on the sofa and talk about their days. Rick gives Michonne the mints he promised and then THIS happened:

courtesy of AMC
courtesy of AMC

Holding hands leads to kissing, giggling, more kissing and then it's ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! All hail RICHONNE !! The hookup that the masses have yearned for has finally come to fruition! And just to make sure that the audience knows what went down we see THIS:

courtesy of AMC
courtesy of AMC

Oh yeah-that's right!

But one more surprise kiddies- Jesus ninjas his way into their bedroom and wakes them! In a hot second, a naked Michonne draws down with her katana, an equally naked Rick does the same with his hog-leg pistol. And the show ends with Jesus saying, 'Rick, we need to talk.' Whew!

And another thing:

Enid continues being a mega brat-Just Survive - Somewhere else!


Richonne - thumbs up or down?


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