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The Oscars is very nearly upon us, and although you probably know which movies have received the lions share of the nominations, there are plenty of tricksy little facts surrounding this year's Academy Awards that will probably be news to you.

Below is some of the most interesting trivia surrounding the 2016 Oscars, but how much had you noticed yourself already?

1. Leonardo DiCaprio Is Actually Featured In TWO Movies That Have Been Nominated For Best Picture

We all know about the man vs. bear epic that is The Revenant, but if you look closely in Room, Leo also makes a cameo appearance. The main character Joy (Brie Larson) has a poster of DiCaprio's face handing on the wall of her bedroom to show she loves the '90s heartthrob as much as we do.

2. Sylvester Stallone Breaks A Career-Spanning Record

Stallone's nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Creed involves the 69-year-old actor playing exactly the same character he got nominated for portraying back in 1976 in the spectacular Rocky. That's a gap of 39 years. This means that Stallone has set the record for the most years between nominations while portraying the same character. Boom!

3. Jennifer Lawrence Will Become The Youngest Person To Ever Land Four Acting Nominations At The Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence is only 25 years old, despite the fact that it feels like she has been around forever, her youth makes her the youngest person to ever land four acting nominations. This year she's up for Joy, but she's previously earned nominations for Winter's Bone, American Hustle and Silver Lining's Playbook, which won her the Best Actress trophy in 2013.

4. John Williams, The Composer Of 'Star Wars' Is The Most Oscar Nominated Person Alive Today

John Williams, the composer behind the iconic Star Wars scores, including the music for 2015's The Force Awakens has earned his 50th nomination this year.

5. 70 Percent Of This Year's Acting Nominees Have Already Won An Oscar...

There are 20 acting nominees this year, but six of the star's in with a chance have actually already won one. Eddie Redmayne, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Kate Winslet and Matt Damon all already have an Oscar in their trophy cabinet. Interestingly, Matt Damon's first and only Oscar is actually for Best Screenplay for Goodwill Hunting so this could be his first acting win.

6. ...But 8 Of The Actors Are Receiving Their First Nominations

Actors who are experiencing the excitement of their first ever Oscar nomination this year include:

  • Tom Hardy
  • Brian Cranston
  • Charlotte Rampling
  • Mark Rylance
  • Brie Larson
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Alicia Vikander

7. 'Ex Machina' Is The Lowest Budget Movie To Ever Win A Visual Effects Nomination

Adjusting for inflation, it cost just $15 million to make.

8. The $1.9 Million Commercial Break

Nabbing yourself a 30 second long ad during the Oscar's would cost you a cool $1.9 million dollars. Ouch.

9. There Are Three Nominated Movies That Feature A Character Named 'Joy' This Year

The name Joy might sound a little old fashioned, but it's featured in three movies this year including Room, Inside Out and (obv!) Joy. Brie Larson and Jennifer are both up for Best Actress so this means there a two out of five chance that a role for a character named 'Joy' will win the coveted statuette.

Know any insane Oscar facts? Share them in the comments below.

(Source: Metro)


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