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Thanks to DICE's community missions and several Double XP weekends since Star Wars: Battlefront's launch in November of last year, a lot of players have finally reached the top rank in this multiplayer sensation. At least that's what it looks like, what with all of these Shadow Troopers and Twi'lek's running about the place.

Sadly, once you reach level 50 in Star Wars: Battlefront, there's very little incentive to keep going (at least in my experience). DICE will surely address this issue in future updates for the game, along with new content in planned DLC packs. But what else do we really need to keep us engaged?

Star Wars Battlefront - Updates, DLC & More Beyond Level 50

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Are you still enjoying Star Wars: Battlefront after having reached level 50? Or are you lacking the motivation and incentive to keep going? Even though I enjoy my time with Battlefront, which is admittedly quite an average game at best, I feel like I need to be working towards something. Once I had the Shadow Trooper outfit and the badass Twi'lek on my roster, I was done.

Therefore, it's obvious that DICE needs to include a higher level for future DLC packs and updates. February is due to see a few changes arrive, but we doubt that an overall level raise will be included. But with Outer Rim in March, DICE need to either raise the cap to 75 (with a lot of new looks along the way) or even to 100! Devoted players need more of an incentive than simply new maps or an outfit for Leia.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

We've already ranked everything in Star Wars: Battlefront (and I mean everything) but we desperately want to see some new weapons in there. What about some new power ups, Star Cards and traits too? DICE have to be working on furthering our loadout potential! But we also feel it's necessary that the game implements a new slot, one where we can constantly have the booster pack. The game can be infuriating and slow without it.

But what else does [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) need in your opinion? We'd all like to see space battles, but they don't look like a possibility this time around. We also need the A-Wing to be fixed, several improvements for heroes and villains, along with a few new vehicles. But what's a priority for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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