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It really just seems as if Deadpool was the little Marvel film that could. A whopping 10 years or so in the works, it was a helluva long time before the movie finally came to fruition for Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller.

Budget cuts, scenes that were deemed to violent and jokes that were seen as much too offensive (even by Deadpool's standards) had to be cut. We already know many scenes, characters and plot points had to be moved, changed and deleted, and Mr. Sunday Movies breaks down some of the more in-depth ones in the video below.

His introduction is as follows:

"The amount of people who have given 'Deadpool' a watch has proven that there is massive success to be had in an R-rated comic book franchise. But, like all movies, there are a number of 'Deadpool' scenes left that ended up being deleted, including extended joke sequences that will probably end up on a gag reel, crippling insults and things deemed too violent even for this movie.

"The 'Deadpool' movie also went through a number of drafts that had the inclusion of an alternate set of villainous henchmen, the major action sequences being shaved right down, a PG-13 cut that nobody probably wants to watch, and a list of unexpected names on the Deadpool bar kill list.

"There was also an extended sequence of Wade Wilson traveling the world in an effort to cure himself of cancer that has a horrific ending, Ajax ending up in jail early on the film after running a human enhancement facility, and a visual gag coming at the expense of Deadpool’s forgetfulness and her blindness.

"That’s not all, of course! There’s a stack more in this video as well as more to be revealed over the coming months. So check it out, or don’t. But chances are if you’re reading this you probably already have. I mean, you wouldn’t be reading this BEFORE watching the video, right? That’d be weird. But I respect your decision-making. Keep it up."

Below is a little list of some scenes and bits we will probably never see, because they never made the cut.

1. 'Groundhog Day'-Style Death Montage

Wade Wilson experiences a rather suicidal phase in which he tries his darnedest to off himself, much like Phil in the film Groundhog Day. Included in this sequence were some very gruesome suicide attempts by Wade, but all of this was left on the cutting-room floor.

2. Deadpool Carves Ajax Up Like A Pumpkin

Deadpool was supposed to etch "Hello my name is Francis" into Ajax's head after he escapes from prison.

3. Deadpool Gets His Style From Spider-Man

Deadpool was at first inspired by Spider-Man when it comes to his red suit, as he grabs a Spidey mask and then flips it inside-out to reveal a predominately red-colored hood.

The film may have gone through so many rewrites and cuts and such, but it was still insanely enjoyable, hilarious and action-packed, with or without these deleted scenes.

In case you're still craving more from this Merc with a Mouth, don't fret. Deadpool 2 is in the works, and I couldn't be more excited if the man in red hand-fed me a chimichanga himself.

[Source: Geek Tyrant]


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