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In recent years, we've seen an influx of live-action remakes and retellings. Between Maleficent, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland and soon The Jungle Book, Disney is at the helm of turning their family-friendly features into grittier, live-action stories for a new generation.

Another Disney classic getting this modernized treatment is the 1977 combination of live-action and animation that is the musical Pete's Dragon.

For those who don't know the story of Pete's Dragon, it's about a young orphan who lives in the forest with his best friend, who happens to be giant green dragon named Elliott.

Pete's Dragon may not be the most popular Disney movie of all time, but it boasts a cult following, many of whom now have children of their own to enjoy the movie with. The first official teaser trailer for the reimagined version shows a fun film that people of all ages and generations would be able to enjoy together.

The 2016 reboot features a number of well-known actors including Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford, who play a father and daughter who both grew up on the tales of Elliott, the mysterious forest-dwelling dragon.

But when they meet 10-year-old Pete (Oakes Fegley), they come to find that the stories of their childhoods may be a reality.

Pete's Dragon also stars Wes Bentley as Jack and Oona Laurence as his daughter Natalie. At the moment, the voice of Elliott the dragon remains unknown.

'Pete's Dragon' will fly into theaters on August 12.


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