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The CW is on an absolute winning streak right now. Arrow is experiencing its best season ever, The Flash is running wild exploring the multiverse and Legends of Tomorrow is getting better with every episode. Recently we've had a few teases of Batman and Superman in the universe, most notably Earth-2 Barry's speed dial and Rip telling the Legends that he's seen 'Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall.' The question I'm asking today is, has The CW left it too long to introduce DC's major player?

I read an article a little while ago discussing some possible ways that Berlanti et al could introduce Batman to their universe. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of commenters who don't want to see Batman in the DC CW universe. It's amazing to see so many people so enthralled with the adventures of Oliver Queen & Barry Allen that they don't have any interest in Batman showing up, despite how much of a great character he is. I believe the reason for this is that it has been left too long with absolutely zero mentions of Batman, so now it would very much feel like 'Oh hey, we can use Batman now so let's do it!'.

Let's be honest - in that world, if Bruce Wayne existed, he would know Oliver Queen. Forgetting about little nods to Oracle and alternate earth speed-dials, we have no proof that Batman exits in this universe, so forcing him in four years down the line with no prior mention is just capitalising on rights becoming available.

If they can find a way to introduce Batman to the fold with a story that makes sense, and it doesn't take the focus away from the wonderful actors and characters already in place, then I'm all for it, just don't let him come in and overshadow the guys (and girls) that have been there from the start. We all know how cool Batman is when done right, but lets face it - Arrow and Flash are proving to be just as (if not more) cool that Batman right now.

The John Constantine appearance worked so well in Arrow, because they wrote him into Ollie's back story - which can be pretty fluid and change as much as the writers need it to, but that wouldn't work with Batman. Imagine the scene for a second: Ollie gets beaten up by a group of thugs, they're too much for him and he gets knocked unconscious. Later on, Team Arrow go after the same group and all end up retreating. Ollie pulls out his phone, looks slightly past camera and says 'It's time to call Bruce.' Okay, so that might be more cheesy than they'd go for but you get the idea.

The other major stumbling block that they have is that the Green Arrow has pretty much taken over the Batman role of the show. The similarities are virtually endless - the no killing rule, the darkness, the incredible fights with Ra's al Ghul - there is definitely no need to two Batmen (Batmans?) in one show.

On top of all of the above, they would also have to cast a Batman who could rival Ben Affleck, and mark my words - he's going to be the greatest Batman since Adam West.

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