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Douglas Havlik

Stoked about this new incantation of Stephen Kings "IT!" The original had all of the hallmarks to terrorize and haunt anyone who watched it. The new movie, in two parts, one movie from the prospective of the characters as children, and the second movie being as they are adults I know will work, but there's one thing that worries me, is there a possible let down with a remake? I'm hoping that they take Stephen Kings vision 90% of the way. The ending was something I have fought with ever since seeing the original. A giant spider-thing... thing! I found the clown more terrifying than the spider! For me it's a deal breaker, I'll see the movies either way but I'd like to see a fresh break in the story regardless of the stories authenticity. The next big thing for me will be the special effects. The TV mini series was unbeatable with the budget they worked with in comparison to big time movies at the time. Now we have remakes left and right because not only are these remakes of classic/cult movies, but the special effects have more of an impact than the origionals. "Evil Dead" is a favorite of mine. The story and the ghoulishness, but the remake left me wanting less. The originals are to die for, and wanting remakes with new effects and story arcs drive us to a rebirth of our favorite fantasies and horrors, and I for one cannot wait to see the brutality, the horror, and the ten thousand other reasons that make "IT" worth the wait to see first hand in a blacked out room with strangers and a big screen!


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