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JUSTiN ZANE is the new brainchild of comic book great Steve Lightle. Having been in the comic book industry for going on 32 years, Lightle has worked for comic book companies such as DC, Marvel, and AC Comics on titles like Doom Patrol, Legion of Superheroes, and Marvel Comics Presents as well as a host of covers. Lightle has decided to break out into the creator owned realm with JUSTiN ZANE.

JUSTiN ZANE brings back all of the great sci-fi tropes that are missing in today's comics. Action, drama, mystery, sex appeal, these are all words that easily describe the story. JUSTiN ZANE is the story of a mental patient who may or may not be the a major threat. Helping him to discover who he is are his sexy psychiatrist, Doctor Glimmer Starborn, and newscaster Catrina Fellina. This goes on while the sinister Doctor Chroneouz attempts to harness Justin's power for the government he works for. Will he succeed? Will Justin find out who he really is? You'll have to go to Steve Lightle's Patreon (click the link on the left) page to contribute and find out!

The story took me back to a time when comic books were about storytelling and character building not all flash and no substance. Now don't get me wrong, Lightle is pumping out excellent artwork, he could draw circles around most of today's artists. The panel work is superb and he obviously comes from the Will Eisner school of thought where you could tell a story with just the artwork. I am very glad to see Lightle back on a book, he is a criminally underused artist and we feel should have been treated with more respect from the "Big Two", but that's a subject for another time. All in all he is on point with JUSTiN ZANE and it's primed to be a breakout hit. With top-notch art, great storytelling and pacing, and a sweeping space opera with intriguing characters, JUSTiN ZANE already ranks as one of the best sci-fi comics today. If you are not reading this right now you are missing out!


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