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RWBY Vol. 3 was the first season after the sad death of the show's creator Monty Oum. Volume 3 continues the story of our favorite four girl team of huntresses comprised of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. Season 3 focuses on a world tournament of sorts in which huntsmen and huntresses from around the globe compete to become the best fighter but that tournament eventually becomes second fiddle to our protagonist having to save the world. Does volume 3 live up to the past success of the previous seasons?


RWBY has never been known for having the most intricate plot but it did succeed in having a humorous story that succeeded in creating likable characters that often made the plot relatively insignificant. Volume 3 follows suit but with the added expansion of focusing on more characters outside of the main cast. Pyrrha Nikos (voiced by Samantha Ireland) halfway through the season becomes the main protagonist and she serves to further the plot while also providing a new to perspective to all the comings and goings of the events at Beacon Academy. While the story does have the same charm as the first two seasons the overall plot lacks something (I still can't figure out that something) that the first two seasons had in spades. Despite that missing ingredient, the story does provide one pivotal improvement from the previous seasons and that is uncertainty. Though shorter, season 3 will leave many loyal RWBY fans in doubt about the future of the series.

The most entertaining aspect of the series was the action which is not a surprise for any fans of the series. I felt that the animators really tried to step up their game in terms of delivering an action-packed series that often times overshadowed any plot holes that may have existed within the plot. RWBY's producers found a perfect balance of slow and fast paced action in which each action scene allowed enough dialogue to break up the action for character development. The action really picked up towards the end of the series when all hell broke loose and as I said that made left enough for the imagination of the audience to look forward to.

Final Grade: B-

RWBY is not the same series it was when Monty Oum was actively producing the show but that doesn't mean that the series has fallen off the map and is not watchable. If you're an avid RWBY fan then you should definitely watch this season and enjoy the fact that there is less predictability within this season.


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