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I saw The Vvitch the other day which was fine. It was kind of scary. It was a good scary because instead of jump scares it relied on tension and a slow-burning terror. The thing is, it could have ended a few times and it didn't.

First of all, the tension was often alleviated by nothing happening. It got super tense then nothing. It was about to be all scary and that but then it didn't. This went on for ages and by the end I just wanted to get it over with.

Spoiler warning for the ending. Her family all die with her killing her mum. Makes sense. She goes and sits down, and puts her head on the desk. The movie cuts, and could have ended. It would have been anti-climactic but could have ended. Then she wakes up and has a chat with the goat. The goat talks back. It should have ended after the first goat response but didn't. They ended up having a back and forth. At one point I thought they were going to go get a bagel, maybe a coffee. Then she walks into the woods and fades away. Again, could have ended here. Then she ends up finding more witches and floats around with them so basically Beetlejuice. I didn't like the ending, it felt ham-fisted and sloppy. The scariest ending would have been the goat fella saying one line then cut, but instead it just carried on. That could have even redeemed a mostly boring movie. I appreciate the effort and hard work in the film but it's not something I'm going to recommend.

However, Finchy from The Office is in it.


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