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In a recent article I wrote about how arrow fans barely get to see Oliver Queen but instead are kinda seeing Green Arrow 24/7. You can check it out here.

This got me thinking about how this tends to happen with superhero shows after a couple of seasons or even the first season. Flash is a lot like this in that in season 1 we were able to see Barry get used to his powers but we also saw his as his role as a CSI. Now bar perhaps a few episodes in season 2 we barely see Barry as other than flash or using his job in a police station as a means to help him regarding the flash. They tried to correct that by bringing in Patty but ultimately steered her into the direction of the flash as well. Also one thing I would like to point out is that Joe seems to always be at Star Labs, although I like all the characters in the flash and love the way that they are actually individuals not blends of each other kinda like in arrow, this isn't believable.

As the flash is trying to boast a show which allows Barry's problems to be relatable to our own, like loving someone who doesn't love you back. I personally think this is a fault in not only tv shows but comics as well. In all fairness they have to keep up weekly episodes whilst maintaining a good story which is really coming together in season 2, which I enjoy. However my personal preference to add is that I want to see Barry as Barry not just the Flash. Especially since this is something in arrow the writers continuously bring up, about losing ones self in their own secret identity.

Now this brings me on to Supergirl. Now unfortunately in the UK we are only up to the midseason finale and it returns in April. Nevertheless Supergirl is the tv show I originally had reservations about but I honestly enjoy it so much and from what i've seen after the mid season finale it seems to really raise the bar very high.

I personally think it is because of the fact that we get to see Kara as not always Supergirl, we see her as not someone of great power but basically Cat Grant's servant. This is really interesting to see as we get to see the relationship built between Kara and her boss, but also Kara and her co-workers. Super girl to me is as much a drama as it is action. However this is one thing I hope that they don't lose with Supergirl as she reminds me of a cross between Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen, clumsy and awkward but in a cute sort of way.

Leave your thoughts about what I've written below and tell me if you agree or disagree. Also check out my arrow article as it also raises some interesting points as well.


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