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Kristin Lai

High School Musical, Spring Breakers and Grease: Live! star Vanessa Hudgens is officially throwing her wide-brimmed boho Coachella hat into the DC Universe after being tapped to star in NBC's Powerless.

DC Entertainment has partnered with NBC to bring us the story of Emily Locke (Hudgens), a regular girl living in a superhuman world.

According to, Hudgens will play "an insurance claims adjuster who loves helping people and keeping a low profile in order to get her work done, who faces increasing frustration with the destructive antics of superheroes in her city."

While we can't expect to see any of DC's heavy hitters (sorry, Batman and Superman fans) appear in Powerless, we'll likely still see the destruction of major DC cities. With A To Z creator Ben Queen on as executive producer, Powerless might be the lighthearted non-superhero superhero comedy we didn't know we wanted.

Can you see Vanessa Hudgens as a working girl in DC's superhero world?



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