ByJoyce Cruz, writer at
Probably because he went underground after Tracers. In fact, nobody heard a word from him until late 2015.” Hey! What are you talking about? Taylor filmed Ridiculous Six (which is a tremendous success on Netflix) and get back to the 3rd season of Cuckoo! Come on! You should make a research before writing anything about him! Also, Taylor was nominated for Teen Choice Movie Actor, Action/Adventure in 2015! “That's what he needs to do! He needs to get involved in another franchise where he'll be signing on to three or four films.“ Taylor is an actor but it doesn’t mean that he has to make only “film franchise”! “Quit messing around with these silly comedies and start tearing the industry up again.” Hey! Please, give a lil respect to Adam Sandler! Who do you think you are? You have no foundation to write this article. I think you took this “personal”! Your own words: “God gave me the gift of writing and I intend to use it!” So I beg you: Please, don’t! Go do anything else, lady!

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