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Last month we found out that Laura Vandervoort, known for playing Supergirl in the hit show Smallville, would be joining the cast of the new Supergirl show. She'll be appearing as Indigo, a young female android who has been both enemy and friend to superheroes.

Now, Vandervoort has spoken with ComicBookResources about her upcoming part in Supergirl, including comic books, action scenes, Indigo's classic blue skin and pink hair, and the chances of Tom Welling (Smallville's Superman) appearing with her on the show.

Researching The Part

Having already appeared in the DC Universe as Supergirl, Vandervoort already has a pretty firm grasp on the basics of the story, but she went straight to the comics for this new character.

When I learned that they were offering me the role of Indigo, I looked her up immediately. I saw many different versions of what she looked like and descriptions of who she was, that went in depth so much that they talked about how she enjoys doing her laundry.

It's always incredible to see an actor really looking into the source material for comic book adaptations, even though the show is sure to make some changes to Indigo for their own purposes.

Will Indigo Be Blue?

In the comics, Indigo is a blue-ish green color, with short, bright pink, hair. It's a very distinctive look, but one that may not be the most practical on the small screen. In comic book series in the past, brightly colored characters have appeared with more human skin tones - most notably, Purple Man (David Tennant) in Jessica Jones, who wasn't actually purple.

Vandervoort coyly refuses to tell us whether Indigo will appear exactly the same as she does in the comics, but it seems that they have made at least some tweaks to the character.

They assured me I wouldn't be in the hair and makeup chair extensively, and they would try to find their own version of Indigo.
They are waiting to reveal how Indigo looks. I don't want to get in any trouble, but I can tell you I'm unrecognizable.

"Unrecognizable" sounds promising, although she also says that she won't be spray painted a-la Mystique, nor will she be appearing nude (or presumably, semi-clothed). It would be wonderful to see the pink hair make an appearance, but perhaps it wouldn't be the worst thing for Indigo to have a slightly more natural skin color.

Smallville Vs Supergirl

Going from playing Supergirl herself to appearing as one of Kara's enemies is a big change, but one that Vandervoort is thrilled about. She is incredibly touched to be cast in the show, doing more hand-to-hand combat than she did in Smallville, and loves playing the bad guy...

Including me was an honor. The show is fantastic; I love everything they are doing with it. The fact that they asked me to come along for a bit of the journey was something I clearly wanted to be part of. It's mostly because the "Smallville" fans are so fantastic. I've been hearing from them on Twitter that they would like to see me on the show and I wanted to do that.
On "Supergirl," it's more hand-to-hand combat and longer fight sequences. That's actually more difficult than just being harnessed up and flying. But, I enjoy doing those things because I grew up doing martial arts.
To be honest, it is a little more fun to play the bad guy because I feel you can step outside of your comfort zone. You can try things that are a little odd and quirky and off. It's a little more liberating than trying to be nice, stick to the rules and stay within the realm of your character's personality.

It sounds like Vandervoort is really having fun with the role, which is fantastic to see - and will undoubtedly translate to engaging episodes.

Will Tom Welling Appear?

Tom Welling, who played Superman in Smallville, is returning to the small screen, starring in the new series Section 13. However, fans of Smallville have been clamoring for him to have a cameo in Supergirl as an homage to the earlier series. Now that Vandervoort is appearing, could Welling join her?

I was actually just hanging out with Tom. A group of us went to Mexico. I had asked him about 'Supergirl' and he said he hadn't heard anything on it yet. I know he's been super busy. He has his own show and had a movie come out. He's a great guy and I would love to work with him again in any capacity. It would be nice to go toe-to-toe with him because we have that history.

It sounds like there is nothing in the works, but it's nice to know that an appearance by Welling isn't off the table yet. It's also amazing to hear that he and Vandervoort are still friends!


Laura Vandervoort will be making her small-screen debut as Indigo in next week's episode of Supergirl, titled 'Solitude'. From the episode description, it seems that one of the changes to Indigo will be connecting her to new technology, as well as retaining her time-traveling roots.

Kara travels to the Fortress of Solitude hoping to find information on how to defeat Indigo, a being from her past who can travel through the Internet. In the meantime, James and Lucy reach a crossroads in their relationship. -from IMDB

We'll have to wait and see what else Vandervoort and the writers bring to this new version of Indigo, who may be appearing in multiple episodes.

'Solitude' airs Feb 29th, check out the promo:


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