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There has been some awesome costumes/cgi costumes and some horrible, butt ugly, and split up costumes in comic book movies. These are the good ones! These are in NO SPECIFIC ORDER of quality!

1: Hell Boy!:

It looks amazing and accurate. Except the hand is reversed!

2: The Hulk!:

This Isn't a costume but it counts because it brings a comic book character to life! It looks great!

3: Ben Affleck Batman!:

It doesn't matter what you think about batsman vs superman it Ben Affleck, this suit is incredible! It's also better and more accurate than any of the other batsuits!

4: Superman returns Superman!:

This is most accurate than any other suits. The original version was great but it's a weird spandex and Man of Steel one looks amazing, but does not have the trunks.

5: Silver Centurion!

Every one of the Iron Man suits looks amazing but the one that takes the cake is the Silver Centurion!

6: Thor!

Just the comic book up above, oh wait that's the movie! Ha ha that's a good joke!

7: Rorschach!

Amazing Costume, amazing actor, Amazing effects, Amazing movie!

8: Red Skull!

He looks really great, uhhh , I'm running out of jokes. Any way, we got 7 more of these.

9: Deadpool!

The first accurate X men costume. But the 2nd one is...

10: Colossus!

He looks amazing and is the first huge (size wise) X-Men! He also sounds great!

11: The Violator!

It looks exactly the same! You disagree?! I'll kill you! Ahhhhh (I won't really kill you)

12: Andrew Garfield Spiderman suit!

The one from the 2nd Amazing spiderman, the first one looks like a yellow oil slick. The Toby magueyr(misspelled) suit looks amazing but this one is more comic accurate!

13: Ghost Rider spirit of Vengeance!

Again the 2nd one looks better than the ghost rider in the first movie! The first one looks like a paper ball on fire.

14: The Joker!

All of the Jokers so far look comic accurate! Huh, reverse Dr Doom!

15: Green Arrow!

If anything it's an improvement, he doesn't look like a pied piper!



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