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2009's Watchmen was a very different kind of comic book movie. Among the bright and shiny [Marvel](tag:932254) movies, or the intense good-vs-evil of The Dark Knight trilogy, Watchmen was a gritty, philosophical look at vigilantism in an alternate world. It came out to mixed reviews, but many loved it and embraced its novel perspective on the superhero. Remind yourself of that iconic opening that is still considered one of the most epic superhero opening sequences ever:


Now, nearly a decade later, one of the stars of Watchmen reveals that she would love to be cast in another superhero role.

Malin Åkerman, who played Silk Spectre II, appeared on Larry King Now this month, and opened up about her role in the alternative superhero movie.

The thing I loved about Watchmen was we were vigilantes, we didn't have superpowers, we were real people. I think what Alan Moore does beautifully is that, it was a very human experience, it was really intricate, and that is why it was so different.
A lot of people went in thinking it was going to be good vs evil, but it was more about, it was very existential and it was about good vs evil within you, and I loved all of the different storylines that ran through that movie.

She was also asked whether she would like to play a superhero again in future, to which she responded enthusiastically.

Absolutely! I would love to!

With her stunning good looks and amazing talent, Åkerman could be a candidate for a huge number of superheroes - although at thirty-seven, she obviously wouldn't be suitable for the kind of reboot or origin story that needs a much younger star.

Still, there are plenty of upcoming characters who have yet to be cast, and that could suit Åkerman.

  • Medusa, as the Queen of the Inhumans, is no young innocent. Åkerman has previously rocked red hair, and her pale skin and fine features would work beautifully.
  • Another fine-featured and powerful woman, Mera would be another role which Åkerman would suit wonderfully. Aquaman's wife, Mera needs to be elegant, but also capable of balancing out Momoa's Aquaman. Almost the same age, Momoa and Åkerman would make a great pair.
  • Captain Marvel, Marvel's long-overdue female-fronted superhero film needs a powerful blonde at the helm, and Åkerman could be that blonde. Captain Marvel is an established military woman, and really needs an actress in her thirties or older.

Obviously, Åkerman was simply saying that she would enjoy playing another superhero, not that she is in talks with anyone, or that a role is on the table. It seems that these days, most actors would love to join either DC or Marvel, so Åkerman may never don tights again, but it's still fun to speculate where she could fit in, if it ever happened.


Source: ComicBookResources


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