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5. Jurassic World

I was totally blown away with the story, acting, and special effects! The scene with Chris Pratt riding on his bike through the woods with the raptors alongside him is just awesome on so many levels.

4. Ant-Man

I really thought a movie called Ant-Man would be stupid. I mean he shrinks to the size of ants, but it was done very well. I guess we now know anything Marvel puts out will be good. The best part of the movie is the humor though. It's funny throughout.

3. Inside Out

Inside Out is an evocative movie, taking place inside the mind of a young girl, distraught after moving out of her old location. Inside Out is one of the finer animated films to come out of Pixar, in my opinion. For me, Inside Out is definitely one of the best surprises to hit the cinemas in 2015.

2. The Martian

A very close second, but this movie was such a strong contender. The creativity of this film and the journey it takes you on makes you just question reality itself and how you would fair in the same situation.

1. Interstellar

This movie was by far the greatest movie I have experienced in a very long time. Not only was the plot so in depth and thought-provoking, it also connected all the dots at the end of the movie and blew me away. I had so many feels during this movie and wont lie, I even cried a tiny bit near the end.

In Conclusion

All of these movies were fantastic and my personal favorites! If you all had to choose some what would you pick??


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