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As much as I love DC, I have to give it to Stan Lee who has dominated the Marvel Universe in such a crazy fashion. Creating such lively characters that have been in millions of peoples hearts since the 60's. I love them. It really should not be a DC vs Marvel thing. As much as the competition is a fun thing, it should not have been that way. I do not want to pick sides. I love it all. We should be absolutely thrilled that these characters are alive and making the leap to the big screen, with comics that have put us in emotional tolls, it's a miracle that films as The Avengers, Civil War, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and even later the Inhumans! Are making it and generating new fans as well as bringing back the folks that have loved them since they were kids! It is a fantastic sight to see! This is an exceptionally beautiful time to be alive. Although DC is still working up their universe I'm still thrilled that we see all of our superheroes finally arriving! Marvel is in phases of cinematic superhero achievements with this year, I mean they made an Ant-Man movie. ANT-MAN!! that was a really nice treat, I immediately have been a fan of Ant-Man since! Also releasing X-Men Apocalypse showing off one of Marvel's most dangerous villains and Captain America Civil War bringing and pitting fans of Iron Man and Captain America in a humongous deal from the near perfect comic. And we can't forget about Daredevil and The Punisher. Finally coming to a tv series of course but showing off Marvel's more grounded heroes duke it out. Fantastic Four is still...difficult, but I'm sure Marvel can pull around to make something special out of Marvel's first family! I've met him twice already, and we're shooting for third times a charm hopefully, but it has been an absolute thrill to see him in person. An excellent fist bumper, and for that I thank Stan Lee.


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