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Superstore is a hilarious show about the lives of employees in a big box store called Cloud 9. The Superstore cast consists of a variety of diverse characters who possess funny and quirky qualities that make them memorable and fun to watch. My boyfriend and I watch this show on Hulu and we enjoy it because it is a great escape from reality and it makes us laugh. These are the weirdest and funniest bunch of characters ever! Let me explain.

Amy (America Ferrera)- “The Stick in the Mud”

When I first saw Amy, I didn’t know her name was Amy. She had a different name tag on because she doesn’t want strangers to know her name and think they are her friends. Amy is a likable character because she says what is on her mind and works hard balancing college classes and work. She may be very uptight and a control freak most of the time, but she knows how to have fun and let loose. She is a dependable supervisor who tries her best to help her co-workers (when she’s in the mood). My favorite scene was when she played pranks on the new guy, Jonah, when he told her that she wasn’t fun.

Jonah (Ben Feldman)- “Happy-Go-Lucky Guy”

Jonah is the new guy at Cloud 9. He is super friendly and polite, which makes him really good at his job. He can be annoying to his coworkers at times because he is always looking on the bright side of things, especially when things in the store go south. He is really cute and tends to talk too much about his college days before he dropped out. He can be a bit clueless and naïve, which makes him an easy target for his coworkers to manipulate and trick him to do stuff for their own amusement. He is intelligent, but sometimes he doesn't think before he speaks, which makes for hilarious situations.

Dina (Lauren Ash)- “The Rule Enforcer”

Dina is a special awkward soul who loves birds! She is a stickler for the store protocols and will destroy anyone who goes against them! She takes her job very seriously. She is competitive, bold, and in your face! During an interrogation of a woman she accused of shoplifting lipstick, she pointed her finger in the woman's face and said, “I cannot physically touch you, but I can get very close.”

She has no filter when she interacts with anyone, especially the customers. In one particular episode, she decided to work in the makeup department with the pregnant girl, Cheyenne, and in an attempt to get a woman to try the makeup she asked her, “You want to look less tired?” The woman just walked away. She’s awesome because she is funny and you never know what will come out of her mouth.

Garrett (Colton Dunn)- “The Prankster”

Garrett may be in a wheelchair but it doesn't keep him from having a sense of humor. You would forget that Garrett is in wheelchair because he never takes anything seriously. He is the funniest guy on the show because he is fun to watch, especially when he says random stuff on the store’s PA system. He is not the biggest fan of customers and doesn’t care about his job. He is just likes to hang out and have fun. He would be the best person to be stuck with at work because he is a cool, laid back guy who loves to prank people for his own entertainment.

Cheyenne (Nicole Bloom)- “The Pregnant Girl”

Cheyenne may be a young pregnant girl but she is still optimistic about life. She is a sweet girl who looks up to her older coworkers and seeks advice from them. She works there so she can make money for her baby and her upcoming wedding to her boyfriend Bo, who is outrageously funny with his wannabe rapper persona. He is as clueless and sweet as her and they make the perfect couple.

Glenn (Mark McKinney)- “The Overworked Boss”

Glenn is a super sweet and religious store manager who wants to be a tough boss but doesn’t have the heart for it. His high pitched voice makes him funnier and he is a joy to watch because he does his best to dispense wisdom and advice to his coworkers, but no one really wants to listen to him. He tries to relate to his coworkers by being hip and cool, but he fails miserably. He is overworked but he still stays positive and keeps a smile on his face.

Mateo (Nico Santos)- “Ambitious Overachiever”

Mateo is extremely ambitious and cutthroat and won’t hesitate to do something unethical to get what he wants. He starts the same day as Jonah and sees him as a threat. He will do anything to make himself look good. His character is funny because he is always scheming to figure out a way to make everyone else look bad and will do hilarious things to prove that he is the best person for the job. For example, in one episode, he made a Powerpoint presentation and dressed up like “Uncle Sam” in red, white, and blue attire with sparklers in his hand to get the manager position and Amy ended up getting it.

Superstore is so relatable because everyone has been in a department store and has seen random customers do crazy stuff and have seen employees who are at different stages in their lives. The cast is so diverse and have great chemistry. It has all the dynamics of a typical workplace, from the ambitious overachiever, to the lazy but fun coworker. It is an amazing show that will make you laugh and make you forget your problems at your real life job. I can’t wait for Season 2 to come out on Hulu!


Who is your favorite character on Superstore and why?


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