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Watching movies can be BREATHTAKING, but making movies can be WORLDTAKING.

Today under "Horror movies" we imagine something about demons, zombies, ghosts, paranormal activities and ugly villains. And a huge amount of that kind of movies is not scary at all. But despite this fact, people are waiting for new movies in this genre and they are ready to spend some money on tickets to watch it on the big screens. Some of us are not afraid and watch just for fun, others- are looking for adrenaline, and horror movies give them what they want. But now, lets pretend that we are NOT afraid and find out why we watch horror movies?

Nowadays, from my point of view, the best horror movie director is James Wan. He is famous for:

  • Insidious 1,2 (2010, 2013)
  • The Conjuring (2013)
  • Saw (2004)
  • Annabelle (2014)
    Demonic (2015)
  • Dead Silence (2007)

All his movies are not just a stereotypical picture that gives you monsters, screaming characters and a lot of blood. All movies has a good screenplay and gives you a chance to get scared. He has that ability to scare and tickle your nerves. Now, James Wan is working on a movie called Lights Out that is based on a short horror movie by David Sandberg, winner of "Best Short" at FANT Bilbao 2014 and "Best Director" in the "Who's There Film Challenge". So, if you want to see a really good horror movie- watch James Wan.

But why do we watch movies that make us afraid of something? Why do we spend our time to shake our nervous system and be afraid to sleep at nights alone? I am not sure about everyone, but some of us do this because of excess of emotions. I can explain. Lets compare emotions we get from comedy and horror.


Almost in every comedy movie we will face with sad moments. It could be a death of someone, from whom the plot will start, it may be something romantic that will touch our hearts, it could be super-cute moments that will make our hearts melt. Each of us will connect situations with occasions from our own life and these memories can dip us in a kind of depression or nostalgia.

RESULT: Too much emotions.


The saddest thing that can happen in horror movies is that the demon, that was with us during the whole picture, will be killed. Thats all! You won't see any love stories in horror movies. And even if you will, it doesn't touch you and your feelings. You know why? Because your attention will be captured only on 1 feeling- fear. You are waiting to get scared, you may be nervous, but even in this case, FEAR is the main feeling. And with fear suspense goes hand in hand. The other feeling you can get is- shock. Maybe because of a really scary moment, or because you were waiting too much and got nothing.

RESULT: Discharge of emotions.

"The Witch" (2016)
"The Witch" (2016)

I compared 2 opposite genres: horror and comedy. Now lets compare drama and hor... Wait, I don't think that we need to do that. Dramas make people more sad than comedy does! Even cartoons, especially if they are from Disney or Anime, can make you cry like a little child. So, nope, I won't compare them.

Many people think that thrillers and horror movies are same. Someone says: "Oh, thriller! No, I don't watch horror movies.." But it is NOT a horror. In thrillers you are not afraid. You are worried, but not afraid. Thrillers can also bring a lot of feelings. Lets take a movie "Prisoners" by Denis Villeneuve.

"Prisoners" (2013)
"Prisoners" (2013)

You are worried for those kids, and you empathize their parents, imagining what they feel. And what if you faced with this problem in life? All these emotions come back and you get that flow of feelings again.

And in the scenes when Hugh Jackman tortured the guy, who he thought kidnapped his daughter? Do you remember all the hell's things he had done with him? When he was ready to kill just to know the truth? What do you feel in these moments? Happiness? No. Sadness? No. You may feel confused, because you don't know whom to believe and support. Jackman may be right, because you imagine yourself in his shoes and realize that you would do anything to find a clue on your child's disappearance. But on the other hand you are shocked, terrified of all sadistic actions.

This is what thriller called. You suffer from negative emotions. What about horror, you have only 1- fear. Lets talk about the famous horror movie of all times- The Exorcist (1973). Classic.

You don't feel sorry for that girl! Because director didn't give you an opportunity to feel it. The only thing you can say and think is "OH NO! I CAN'T WATCH! OH MY GOD!" - fear. You don't look at the relationship between mother and daughter anymore, because your attention is concentrated on the paranormal activity that happens. And when the priest jumps out of the window, you don't feel sorry and start to cry, because you are under the movie's impression. Under the fear's impression, that doesn't let you to jump from one emotion to another. This is the difference between thriller and horror. You are welcome.


We watch horror movies to get distracted. Some of us don't even realize it. But horror movies can set you free from all those crazy emotions for a while. This genre is very unappreciated, but if you will understand it...


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