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The Ikea people took great advantage of their reputation with this flick

Warning: spoilers up ahead, you’ve been warned!

Deadpool reading an IKEA Kullen assembly manual.
Deadpool reading an IKEA Kullen assembly manual.

Those of you who have already watched Deadpool, and have dealt with Ikea furniture in the past, would clearly remember one specific joke. Blind Al, trying to put together an Ikea Kullen dresser. Now, most of us know exactly how hard it can be to assemble Ikea’s furniture properly. Hardly anyone ever imagined a blind person would dare try it. When it comes to properly assembling any Ikea item be it a Pax, Kura, or Billy, most of us feel the exact same way- Blind.

So, it came as no surprise when the dresser Al was trying to put together fell apart right after she sat down on her armchair. The filmmakers didn’t even try to polish the scene. The Kullen dresser was poorly assembled and fell apart like a castle of cards. Bet you laughed pretty hard then, didn’t you? Nothing like somebody else experiencing your pain to get you feeling good about yourself. Blind Al says she regrets ever having found Craigslist, hence the place she got her IKEA dresser from.

Das Kullen is kaput.
Das Kullen is kaput.

What a poor advertisement for Ikea, wouldn’t you say? You might be wondering, how could the Swedish company even allow this in the first place? Surely they could have sued the filmmakers and won? It’s not like they would pay anyone to represent their furniture items in such a horrible fashion. Or would they? WOULD THEY, REALLY?

Here’s the scoop. IKEA did not pay for anything. Yes, you read it right. They probably didn’t even expect to be mentioned in this flick. The flat pack manufacturer had only one request when approached by filmmakers: use the proper names of the furniture items and not make anything up. More about the story on Digital Spy. Quite a few item names were mentioned in that scene such as: the Kullen, the Hurdal, the Hemnes and Trysil. As funny and ridiculous as some of them sound, they’re all actual products of the furniture manufacturer. Talk about a product placement.

Ikea is cheap and good. That’s all they ever were. If Ikea was a meal, they would be the junk food in the menu. And that’s what we like about them. They’re tasty, cheap and do the job of satisfying our need. Ingvar Kamprad doesn’t even kid himself when people ask him about his products. One of his popular sayings found on Brainyquote goes like this “People say I am cheap, and I don't mind if they do.” And Here is another quote off the same site “Our idea is to serve everybody, including people with little money.” So, what more could you ask for?

IKEA know their reputation and instead of trying to deny it or pointing fingers, they went with the flow. If that isn’t a clever move, nothing is. And this, fellow comic book geeks, is how Ikea got on the big screen. Clever? Yes. Planned? Not really. The moral of this story would probably be not to take yourself too seriously, just like Deadpool. Yes, their furniture is still pretty hard to assemble, but if you have problems with that, just hire professional furniture assemblers or struggle like Ryan Reynolds.

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