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Winter is coming for the fans of Game of Thrones. The filming of the series is over but now the editing work should be on so that the scenes and the backgrounds will be a feast to the viewers. A lot of change is expected in the upcoming series with twists and turns in the character and their roles.

Here let us have a look at the rumors of the series...

  • Sansa Stark who was given to the Lannister family lived a life of hell according to the story. She and Theon escape Winterfell by jumping over a wall. The actor and the actress were spotted on their respective sets and hence it is rumored that they might have escaped the fall and they might come back alive in season 6. Rumors also suggest that she might have been recaptured by the Lannisters.
  • Margaery is paired with an unknown person in season 6 whose identity is kept a secret. There are rumors about her death but we are not sure about it and she is still alive in season 6.
  • She also mentioned that she has been working with the person for a while and she loved working with him. These sentences make us curious to know about her pair but we have to wait until April to find out the twist.
  • Cersei and Margaery always fight against each other. Now Margaery has been imprisoned leaving her Tyrell army without a commander. Rumors are that Jamie Lannister is leading her army. It shows that Jaime and Margaery are working together which might cause a huge drift in the relationship between Cersei and Jamie. But Cersei still holds her prophetic ability hence as of now there are no chance of Jamie throwing her out.
  • The coming of Bran is another rumor which has been kept a secret. He was thought to have lived in a tree and that he was being trained for war while in the tree. His role during the great battle is expected to be crucial and his arrival is going to make a big difference in the Starks family.
  • The Great Battle is another rumor. It is going to happen between two parties. The climax is going to be beyond our belief and understanding. The challenge to be faced during the war would be the White Walkers. Though certain tricks are known as to how to kill them, it is important to execute the tricks effectively.
  • Next is the prophetic ability of Cersei. She has become highly paranoid about losing her ability to prophesy which could anger her husband Jaime. She might lose her power with the death of her three childen. The last one is alive yet and she holds her life still and her prophesy about the heir to the Throne of Irons remains a mystery.
  • When Cersei put forth her hand in the Iron Throne she had a vision about the successor to the Throne. It appeared to be a legitimate heir. So there are rumors that Jon Snow would be the heir to the Throne. Daenerys also said to come with her multitude of army when she came to know about the legitimate heir from the people of west.
  • The Will written by the Robb Stark. Ned’s older son was crowned as king after his death. He writes a will in which it is thought that he mentioned Jon as his heir. But the whereabouts of the Will is unknown.
  • Robb actually wrote the Will in front of the nobles and hence it is said that the key people of the Stark family knew everything about the Will and about the truth behind the death of Jon Snow.

These are some of the rumors about the game of thrones season 6. Still there are many questions for which answer remains a mystery. The producers and the director have done a good job in maintaining the secret of the series.


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