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Earlier this month, some very dedicated Harry Potter fans took it upon themselves to translate the concept of wizarding money into our own Muggle currency. This was then followed up by another enthusiastic Redditor who delved into some hefty calculations to try to come up with how rich our favorite Boy Wizard actually was (reportedly, he had approx. $1,265,625.00 in Gringotts bank at the beginning of the series!).

Now however, it seems that some fervent fans have taken estimates to the next level by trying to fathom just how much wizards in the Harry Potter universe actually made. By taking a look at some professions within the books, finding their real world equivalents, and making educated guesses about their salaries, here are some wages that were found:

1. Gringotts Head Goblin: $50,000

The Head Goblin at Gringotts bank held a position that was probably the equivalent of a bank branch manager. He wouldn't have really been a bank CEO because it's unlikely someone in that position would be carting off clients to their vaults:

At one of Britain's largest banks, HSBC, a bank manager earns about £34,571 ($50,000).

2. Garrick Ollivander: $26,600

We know that a wand at Ollivander's would have cost 7 galleons — translated into Muggle money, following this trajectory, that comes to $175.

Considering how many new students attended Hogwarts every single year (between 40 - 140 according to Harry Potter Wiki), that makes an average of 90 new pupils who need wands. Like Ron Weasley however, perhaps 15% of the newbies inherited their wands, leaving 76 who probably need a new magic stick. Here's a simple calculation:

76 x 7 (galleons) = 532 galleons ($13,300)

Then you have to consider the fact that most people would probably break their wand at least once — throughout the book series, this happens to at least four of the characters. This pushes the total takings at Ollivander's to $26,600.

3. Rita Skeeter: $94,000

Let's equate The Daily Prophet to another UK-based news sources — something like The Guardian for example. A journalist at this publication makes roughly £66,000. Converted to dollars this is about $94,000 which is a hefty paycheck for someone who behaves like a real ol' bitch most of the time:

4. Hogwarts Professor: $32,000 - $47,000

J.K. Rowling has previously revealed that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is government-funded. Her actual Tweet was in fact:

According to the UK government education board, teachers in England and Wales receive between £22,244 - £32,831 a year. That comes to about $32,016 - $47,254. Could be better, huh?

For more estimates, including that of an Auror, head on over to

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