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Leo's perceived thirst for an Oscar of his very own is so great that there's even a video game about it, but according to Academy Insider Penny Siegal this preconception isn't far from the truth.

Siegal, who helps to guide celebs through the award ceremony and is basically some sort of Oscar whisperer, was profiled by Vanity Fair and she had plenty of juicy nuggets to cough up about DiCaprio's unfulfilled Oscar urges.

When she was asked about Leo, Siegal recalled a party where the star approached her and asked when the time would come for him to lovingly stare into the hollow eyes of a gold statuette, she explained:

"A year ago I saw him at a party in St. Barth’s at Christmas, and he said, 'Siegal, who’s going to win the Oscars? I have to call my bookie.' Well, Julianne Moore is going to win for her fourth nomination. And he said, 'When am I going to win? I’ve had four nominations.'”
Siegal with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
Siegal with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Siegal tried to make a joke of Leo's line of questioning, but apparently it didn't go down well, she explained:

"And I said, 'When you’re in a wheelchair you’ll get the Irving Thalberg award.' He was not happy about that."

Don't worry though, Penny is rooting for Leo just as much as the next person and she seems pretty sure he's gonna win this year, she told interviewers:

"A year later, I said, 'It’s your year, you’re winning. You’ve got to do the campaigning, you’ve got to go to the mats because you’re going to win.' I’m not the only one who said this to him. He did it with grace and class and he wrote all of his own speeches, and he was perfect.”

You can do it Leo, with performances like the one below from The Revenant it would be down right cold to rob you this year:

Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar already?

(Source: Vanity Fair)


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