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On Sunday night we were totally shocked when Michonne and Rick moved from friends to lovers in the steamy final scene of The Walking Dead, Episode 10 "The Next World." Go on, take another look — I know you want to:

Despite the fact that this was the first time that Rick and Michonne (dubbed "Richonne" by their army of shippers) have gotten down and dirty on camera, has the relationship been simmering for some time? I mean, at the start of the episode, it was pretty clear that Michonne had been close with Rick for a while, having used all of his toothpaste, not to mention the hints of early morning flirtation.

There was also something in the couple's first onscreen kiss that seemed to suggest that it wasn't the first time. As Uproxx points out, there was none of the classic "should we be doing this?"-type questioning that usually goes on in first-time TV show hookups — perhaps because Rick and Michonne had already been a couple for a few weeks? This would also go a ways to explaining Rick's more upbeat personality in "The Next World," with the serious sheriff laughing, joking and even listening to music throughout the episode.

Plus, don't forget that the show also dropped hints about Maggie's pregnancy for several episodes (including the Season 5 finale) before it was finally confirmed out loud, so maybe this new romance could have been a similar story?

Of course, there's always just the theory that Rick and Michonne were so familiar with one another after already basically being a family for years, that when they finally did kiss it was like they'd always been together. What do you think? Did Rick and Michonne become a couple during the time jump between Episode 9 and 10, or was their kiss at the end of Episode 10 their first romantic moment? Let me know below!

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 11, "Knots Untie" on Sunday, February 28 on AMC.

What do you think? Has Rick and Michonne's relationship been going on for some time?

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