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The Marvel universe is heading towards a huge conflict as [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) prepares to challenge heroes and fans alike. Test screenings of the highly anticipated film have already begun, and according to Empire (h/t to Comicbook), viewers are just as divided as the Avengers themselves.

Going into the film, you may have already chosen whose side you're on, but if you're expecting Civil War to reveal which side is right, you're in for a surprise because...

There isn't a clear cut solution

According to Empire, even after the film finished, the debate between viewers raged on as to which Avenger was right. And that's actually something which the directors intended...

"Hopefully you’ll leave wondering if Steve and Tony are both acting in selfish interests."
Tony and Steve being civil.
Tony and Steve being civil.

Just to remind you, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are forced to take opposing stances when the government intends to place restrictions upon the Avengers. While Tony sees this as a step forward, Steve is very much in favor of remaining independent, as otherwise the Avengers could be subject to corrupt politicians' agendas.

There's also the small matter of one Bucky Barnes, who has returned and is recovering from his time as the Winter Soldier.

Steve fears the government will arrest Bucky for Hydra's crimes, and Tony definitely has a vested interest in this...

The Winter Soldier killed Tony's parents

This has been the subject of many a fan theory after it was heavily implied in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973) that Hydra orchestrated the Starks's deaths, using Bucky to assassinate them.

Obviously, Bucky didn't choose to do this. His actions as the Winter Soldier were a result of brainwashing, and Civil War seems ready to explore the question of whether Bucky is the world's most feared assassin or the world's longest serving POW.

But as far as Tony Stark is concerned, his parents' murder gives him a personal investment in the political debate, and he's not going to compromise.

Bucky casually tries to shoot Tony in the face.
Bucky casually tries to shoot Tony in the face.

Interestingly enough, this is a marked difference from Iron Man's role in the Civil War comic book, where he was pretty much the villain of the piece. In the comic, Tony's actions were selfish at best, and all-out sadistic at worst, leaving most fans siding with Captain America.

The film is already deviating from this plot line, and it looks like we're going to have our moralities and ideas challenged just as much as the characters themselves. And I, for one, can't wait!


Whose side are you on?


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