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Pokémon is constantly serving up brand new ways to create different evolutions of their beloved Pocket Monsters, but there are some fantasy combinations that not even breeding or a well placed Sun Stone will yield.

An Imgur user has uploaded an awesome album of beautifully rendered Pokéfusions that combine the strengths of each Pokémon into one explosive package, but which one would you like to catch?

Mega Gyrados + Mega Swampert = Mega Swampados

Combining these two mega water Pokémon together gives Mega Gyrados opposable thumbs to compliment that streamlined tail, making it inevitably a terrifying opponent.

Tropius + Sceptile = Troptile

The two grass Pokémon combine their powerful fronds to become even more at one with their element while adopting an intimidating upright stance.

Empoleon + Dialga = Empialga

Damnnnnn gurllllll that penguin got ripped!

Xerneas + Arceus = Xerceus

Xernas's fairy-power-infused antlers become a full body ring in this colorful merge with the genderless Arceus to create this stunning warrior.

Golurk + Registeel = Lurksteel

Golurk's rustic Gollum inspired style has been given a sleek, cyber update after being fused with Registeel in this hardware update.

Mega Blaziken + Mega Lucario = Mega Blazrio

These two fighting types merge together with a dash of Lucario's wolfish charm and burning with Blaziken's fiery side.

Mega Ampharos + Haxorus = Mega Amporus

Haxorus takes his terrifying mandibles to the beauty salon and emerges with ampharos's flowing locks and I love it!

Emboar + Mightyena = Boaryena

Emboar and Mightyena merge into a blazing beast who is reminiscent of an Indonesian mask.

Mega Charizard X + Primal Groudon = Mega Primal Grouzard

Mega Charizard's wings merge with Primal Groudon's distinctive coloring to create a vicious looking dragon fighter.

Which Pokéfusion do you wish you could catch?

(Source: Imgur)


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