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(Warning — if you've still not seen Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens yet, then assorted SPOILERS and such lie below — as well as some adult language. Also, how the heck did you make it this far? That's incredibly impressive...)

Now, Tumblr can be a tough place to find your way around at times — with some finding its web of posts and follow-ups far too confusing to be navigable, and not enjoying the particular blend of goofy humor and referential wit that the site specializes in.

For those who love it, though, Tumblr is a pretty darned magical place — and one in which a surprisingly large amount of geek-scholarship takes place. For instance, as Dorkly recently demonstrated, the site is home to a whole lot of remarkably astute Star Wars watchers and analysts. Y'see, as it turns out...

Tumblr Users Tend To REALLY Get Star Wars

Here, then, are seven of their finest discoveries...

First up?

7. Generational Differences

Which, as cptdave points out, lead to an intriguing trend.

6. A Droid Dilemma

Which I think we can likely all agree with not-so-secret-nerd on...

5. A Valid Point, Well Made

Which, via sans-comical, is as hilarious as it is deeply upsetting.

4. Cue Noise Of Glass Shattering

Can someone get readyto-stark a TV production deal already?

3. Get Ready To Cry

Way to break our hearts ALL OVER AGAIN, phil-the-stone....

2. It Turns Out That The Female Leads Were Always The Coolest

So true, acronymed. So true.

And, finally:

1. A Conclusion To THAT Debate

Anyone out there actually disagree with starwarsrockstars?

Oh, wait...


Just because.

What do you think, though?


Just how much do YOU want to see a Princess Bride/Star Wars mash-up?

via Dorkly


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