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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

If Marvel were to create a video game based on the exploits of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, would you play? I sure as heck would, as long as it wasn't another mobile game where you have to graft with a capital G in order to unlock, say, a new hairstyle or something silly like that.

But if an R-rated game where you took control of Matt Murdoch and took to the rooftops of the Kitchen, stylistically beating goons to a bloody pulp actually existed... it would be hella dope. Alas, it doesn't, so we'll have to make do with the Daredevil S2 trailer being painstakingly recreated in Fallout 4 by YouTuber UpIsNotJump. And it is really very good, so it helps mask the pain.

Also, by the end of the trailer, you'll be wanting a Punisher onesie. Just saying.

Come and have a look:

And here's the original for the comparison:

What did you make of that? Pretty impressive, right? If you like what you saw, get over to UpIsNotJump's YouTube channel and place your eyes on more magnificent moving images!

Would you love to see a Daredevil game come out?


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