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Take your first look at your new favorite British drama, Thirteen. The series, which is a five-part drama, will take you inside the world of Ivy Moxam, a 26-year-old woman who escapes the confines of a cellar which has been her prison home for 13 years.

Jodie Comer as Ivy / source: SpoilerTV
Jodie Comer as Ivy / source: SpoilerTV

Thirteen has been produced by BBC In-house Drama Production, and will star Jodie Comer (My Mad Fat Diary) as Ivy. The series "explores how to pick up the threads of a life half-lived and how to survive as a family under the greatest pressure."

Source: SpoilerTV
Source: SpoilerTV

Read the synopsis of Thirteen below:

After 13 years held captive by her kidnapper, today is the day Ivy Moxam escapes. Her family have stopped waiting by the phone, stopped flyering, one of them has even given up hope altogether. Suddenly here’s Ivy, flesh and blood, returned to them. But piecing back together the version of family life that existed before is no easy task…
Ivy is the only one who knows her kidnapper, who understands him, who can help DI Carne and DS Merchant snare him. Leads run cold and the kidnapper evades capture, the police begin to suspect Ivy is not telling them the whole truth. As she fights to retain her sanity, she begins to hear the whispers that surround her. The doubts beginning to form. The anomalies of her statement. The errors. The outright lies. What happened in that cellar? Where is her kidnapper? Can Ivy really be trusted?
Source: SpoilerTV
Source: SpoilerTV

In addition to Jodie Comer, Thirteen will also star Aneurin Barnard, Richard Rankin,, Valene Kane, Natasha Little, Stuart Graham, Joe Layton, Katherine Rose Morley, Eleanor Wyld, Ariyon Bakare and Nicholas Farrell. The series was written by Marnie Dickens and directed by Vanessa Caswill and China Moo-Young.

An official premiere date is yet to be confirmed, but Thirteen is expected to air on BBC America in 2016.

Will you be tuning in to 'Thirteen'?

Source: Spoiler TV, Variety, Deadline


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