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...Jada Smith, Mayim Bialik and Candace Cameron are doing good things for their kids. Will & Jada Smith: Giving your kids creative experssion when they are teenagers is good. It helps them find their true selves and learn their place as individuals. Mayim Bialik: Though breast feeding is a very natural beautiful thing it really is not needed past 3yrs old. The child can't get any nutritional value form it any longer but if Mayim wants to keep breast feeding her son then more power to her. Candace Cameron : Children need negative and positive reinforcement. Children crave their parents approval when they are young so positive and negative reinforcement can help teach your child right form wrong as you see fit. How a parent choses to show negative reinforcement is up to them. Alicia Silverstone might have a strange way of feeding her child but as long as the child is eating the food, he is getting what he needs to be healthily and he enjoys it I guess it's ok. January Jones is just strange. Gwyneth Paltrow: Though a heathly life is good we have a pyramid of good eating for a reason. All food groups are important for a healthily childhood even sugar in the right amounts.

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