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INCYMI: Last week boxer Manny Pacquiao was dropped from his contract with Nike faster then you can say 'Just Do It,' following abhorrent comments about how gays are “worse than animals.”

This post has since been deleted
This post has since been deleted

Despite coughing up a shameful, non-apologetic Instagram post quoting The Old Testament Bible scriptures — which you can see above — Pacquiao has done little to alleviate his controversial brain fart. And now, retired boxer and lovely human Mickey Rourke has entered the ring to give his two cents on the homophobic happening.

Snapped outside The Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Friday night, a splendidly dressed Rourke stopped for the paps and said in regards to Pacquiao's paff:

“I think they were wrong and out of place and I think that we all got to watch what we say. You know, that was from the Old Testament, he was quoting, so you got to give him a little bit of room. But I got a lot of gay friends. I’m a little bit gay myself.”

And then kissed a dude!

Did you like Mickey Rourke's response?

Source: TMZ, Dlisted

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