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Netflix star Chelsea Handler recently appeared on ET Canada to promote her new series Chelsea Does, and also chimed in with her opinion on what she calls an "unstable" and "delusional" Kanye West.

In her interview, the former E! network star revealed she was in no way surprised by the rapper's recent antics, including claiming that he made Taylor Swift "famous" in a lyric on his new album. Handler told ET Canada:

"Why is that surprising? He's acted like this for years. He's not stable, he's delusional and now he'll have a mental breakdown in front of everybody. Even though he's been in this state for years."

Handler's claim comes just days after audio leaked of West calling himself "50 per cent more influential than any other human being" in a rant following his stage set being altered ahead of a performance on Saturday Night Live. In the rant, West also claimed he was more influential than legendary director Stanley Kubrick, artist Pablo Picasso, St. Paul the Apostle, and drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Source: Dana Edelson/NBC via Page Six
Source: Dana Edelson/NBC via Page Six

Handler also commented that she believes that West's Twitter rants about being $53 million in debt is his idea of a joke, saying the star is "probably trying to be funny. He thinks that's funny."

Watch Chelsea Handler comment on Kanye West below:

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Source: Daily Mail


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