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Do you ever find riding buses so stimulating that you'd love to sit at home in your comfortable PC chair, or bean bag if that's how you choose to live your life, and dream of the day that you'd be able to recreate the endless joys of public transport in a video game?

The stench of fast food and people's damp, warm breath, the sounds of children and addicts screaming for, probably, similar reasons, not having enough change to ride the thing and having to walk home in the rain after waiting 30 minutes for it to turn up and having strange people sit right — the f*ck — next to you even though the whole top deck is empty and then proceed to stare at you for the remainder of the journey?

If you answered yes, then there's a game on its way to Steam that's gonna be a perfect fit for your garage. And that was meant to be a bus pun, nothing sexual.

Bus Simulator 16 is the latest in the line of wonderfully obscure PC simulations where your aim is to grow an efficient bus company by hiring drivers, creating routes, and of course driving through rush hour, amongst other things.

Here's the trailer:

You can choose to drive three different tiers of bus — two-door, three-door and articulated — which you'll have to maintain with "mechanical repairs," while trying to appease late and angry commuters. You can also give your line a little bit of SWAG appeal by respraying vehicles to your own desires and, most importantly, secure advertising deals.

Bus Simulator 16's map is pretty big, with five distinct districts to cruise through, and plenty pedestrians to run over, I mean ferry from spot to spot. My only query is whether the game will have a Night Bus mode, where drunken commuters pick fights on each other and throw up all over the place?

Oh wow, so real
Oh wow, so real

If you like the sound of this, head over to Bus Simulator 16's Steam page on March 2nd and put down 27 of your hard earned dollars for it!

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