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Rian Johnson might be busy directing Star Wars: Episode VIII but it seems like he's still got time to sit down for a relaxing crossword.

The Looper director recently headed to Twitter to show off his puzzle-solving skills, and perhaps more importantly, a small slither of the Episode VIII set. It's hard to deduce exactly what kind of set we're on, but the minimalist style of the control pad might appeal to a certain First Order. Check out the tweet below:

Of course, such a tweet was quickly descended on by Star Wars fans eager to see if the crossword, or associated comic strips, contained any Episode VIII secrets. Unfortunately, it does seem to simply be a normal International New York Times crossword, with perhaps one slightly interesting addition.

Despite being on a break, it looks like Johnson can never get far away from Disney's blockbuster behemoth, as a closer look reveals that 62 across is: "May the _______ be with you".

We caught our first glimpse of Johnson on set with last week's 'Episode VIII' announcement video:

This isn't the only cryptic challenge Johnson has tweeted from back stage, as on Friday he also posted another question to his legion of followers.

With Star Wars: Episode VIII only just starting filming, I'm sure this won't be the last behind-the-scenes scoop we see from Johnson.

Star Wars: Episode VIII arrives in theaters in December 2017.

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