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The Dragon Age franchise is well respected within the gaming community. Though Dragon Age 2 may have gained the lowest scores Bioware has ever seen, it's still a great RPG by industry standards — even the low points of this series have their moments. Therefore, following the success of Dragon Age: Inquisition in 2014, we assume that Bioware and EA are already considering Dragon Age 4.

But what aspects of the series did you enjoy the most? What were the mechanisms of Dragon Age that made you return time and time again to the lands of Thedas? Let's explore what made the Dragon Age trilogy such an exhilarating and respected series, and how Dragon Age 4 can further and surpass that legacy.

Beyond Origins & Inquisition: How 'Dragon Age 4' Can Succeed

Dragon Age
Dragon Age

After having played hundreds of hours combined with Dragon Age, my desire for more has only grown. Though my favorite installment is still Dragon Age: Origins — perhaps one of my favorite RPGs — I have tremendous respect for Bioware's work on Inquisition. In saying that, the most frustrating elements of the series came in its latest installment and I sincerely hope these are reevaluated for Dragon Age 4.

Should 'Dragon Age 4' Be Set In Tevinter?

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Let's examine some of the most popular requests for Bioware's Dragon Age 4:

  • Tevinter - The Tevinter Imperium is the longest existing human country in Thedas and is ruled by a powerful magocracy. It's often referenced throughout the Dragon Age trilogy and numerous fans are campaigning for it to be the setting for Dragon Age 4. Would you join them?
  • Better Hair - I feel like this deserves a mention as almost everyone who's made a request for Dragon Age 4 has referenced the series's poor history with hair. The choices are too limited and hair often looks awful. Time for a new hairdo, Bioware as well as an even deeper character creation system.
  • A Live Day/Night Mechanic - Couldn't agree more. Almost every big open world game has this nowadays and it only aids immersion.
  • Improved AI - This goes for enemies, but especially companions. I enjoyed using the Tactical cam on PS4, but you often couldn't trust companions to carry out specific orders. This needs serious fixing.
  • Fetch Quests, Be Gone - I couldn't believe how many shards there were scattered throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition's areas. It was pointless, time consuming and superbly boring. Get rid of quests like this and improve side missions in general.
  • DLC - We all hate DLC, but it's particularly bad with Dragon Age: Inquisition because the game doesn't end until you buy and play its DLC packs. It's a disservice to those who followed the franchise and want to know what happens to all of its characters. Make DLC less critical to the understanding of the narrative if it has to stay.
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

But what about you guys? What was your favorite installment in the Dragon Age trilogy so far? Do you have any particular requests for Dragon Age 4? And are you also excited to get your hands on [Mass Effect: Andromeda](tag:2683449) later this year (or early 2017). Let us know in the comments!

What was your favorite installment in the 'Dragon Age' trilogy so far?


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