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FULL DISCLAIMER: This post may contain minor and major spoilers, depending on your definition of it. I'm doing my best to not ruin anything, but I'll just leave this here.

When Netflix announced that Judd Apatow, creator and director of some of the funniest post-millennial comedies, was developing a binge-watchable TV show, my radar was all over the place. What would it feel like? Could it be a longer version of this movies? Is it going to be less funny between episodes?

And then the full first season was released this past weekend and everything was put to rest. I can reassuringly give Love two thumbs-up.

The story starts off with Gus (Paul Rust), a nerd, who enjoys the particular things in life. He is forced to break-up with Natalie (Milana Vayntrub), who reveals that she cheated on him. To top that off, she tells him he's "too nice" and not even the real nice, the "fake nice". Piss off Natalie, you're a bitch!

On the other side, there's Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), a program manager at a satellite radio. She's also in a somewhat not permanent relationship with a coke addict. Basically your girl next door...

They eventually meet in a supermarket, when Gus decides to cover her bill when she doesn't have money. Because sometimes you need make a better version of a cliche to get to the really original stuff.

In Love, everything feels familiar. Los Angeles is a setting that Apatow has already got us used to. Gus also works as a on-set tutor on a really lame TV show called Witchita, where he tries to get Arya (Iris Apatow) to learn something. We actually end up learning a lot more from her.

Credit: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix
Credit: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix

There are numerous gags and jokes that left me laughing out loud!
Things like a moral compass kicking in because having a threesome with two girls whom are sisters might be incest, the awkwardness of having a date with your crushes roommate (that your crush set up!) and many more, is what's good for the soul. So the doctor said...

The best part about all of this: We can relate to it.
More literal than Simon Rich's Man Seeking Woman (I'll write about that one soon enough), we can see ourselves in those situations.

We've all been through the awkwardness of that first text, arriving too early to a party your crush invites you too, texts getting lost because of bad cell reception, the whole concept of chivalry, and my personal favorite, expecting your crush to be as excited about your hobby as you are. These are just some of the moments that the show presents us with and tries to make you look at yourself for a second. Also, sexism in the magic community is a thing.

There are also a whole bunch of side stories going on, that make the important stuff seem important and the rest like a fun bonus. Just like life!

Credit: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix
Credit: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix

Essentially, this is the show that we needed from Judd Apatow. It's also the show he needed to make. It just feels right, through and through.
This has a lot to do the absence of Apatow's usual buddies, like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd or even his wife, Leslie Mann.
Them not being near this does make the show a lot more enjoyable, allowing these new characters to flourish and really let them be who they are.

Also, seeing a whole new world of his comic creative mind is as refreshing as it could get and frankly, we deserve it. When you take the time to go two steps back, you do see that this might be the beginning of the new age of comedy in television. For that we can blame Netflix!

And while I do appreciate that each episode takes it's time to approach each step in what a new relationship usually feels like for us "good guys", by the end of the season, you can't help to think if, at times, there could have been a more effective way to tell the story.

Credit: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix
Credit: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix

With that said, this first season of Love will make you believe that things might not be so bad after all. And while we at it, try to enjoy the little things in life and take some risks. Just as long as she's crazy enough to be worth it, of course.

Have you seen Love? Are you going to see it? Let me know!


Are you going to see Love?


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