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That X-Men Legion rocket seems ready to launch! After numerous casting announcements it seems things are finally building some serious pace. With filming set to start next month it marks the first of two planned X-Men projects being undertaken by both FOX & Marvel. While all is not well for the sister series ‘Hellfire’ after taking serious setbacks in the pre-production stage, this was due to losing its Show runner. While on the flipside Legion seems to be on the fast track!

Deadline has now come out to report the Amber Midthunder know for her role in Banshee is the newly added member to the cast. Very little is known about the character or role she will play in this series, but its clear FX is after some serious talent and it bodes well for the series given the list already. Midthunder will be playing a character named Kerr and this is the insight provided below!

“Kerry [is] a woman of action with a childlike sense of wonder. A true savant, Kerry has lived a sheltered, but never dull life.”

I speculate & believe her role may be that of “Kerry Dowenn” which is a pretty normal agent and given the description of what we’ve been told they don’t match, so they are either re-branding a character with a new name or creating a new hero/villain all together?

So what is Legion? The series is set to follow a chap called David Haller (Stevens) who to us comic geeks is none other than ‘Legion’, the illegitimate son of Professor Xavier! Haller is a schizophrenic, affected by some mysterious voice since his youth; at least in my head I only have 1 voice! He’s been plagued by these voices since his youth & is also imbued with psionic power (unlike Xavier)

With the current success FOX is having with the Marvel franchise I can only admit my sheer excitement at this new series! For now we can only speculate & we’ll let you know when Legion gets an official premiere date on FX!


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