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It's no secret that The Legend of Zelda is one of the most loved and longest enduring video game franchises in popular culture, not least due to the fact that many of us grew up alongside the series as it unfolded.

And now the franchise celebrates 30 years of dungeon crawling and princess rescuing, and we couldn't be happier to have been part of the experience. But how influential has the series really been on our lives? Here's the top ten life lessons we've learned from The Legend of Zelda.

1. Tolerance

Sometimes the most irritating, clingy person in your life is just trying to help out, you know, cause they love you. Or maybe because a giant talking tree told them to, we don't judge.

What we learned: Dealing with Navi taught us both patience and anger management. Though we still twitch a little whenever someone says "hey, listen!"

2. Find Your Own Path

Link Between Worlds contains perhaps one of the most entertaining mechanics in any Legend of Zelda game, namely the ability to phase in and out of walls. Not only does this open up new avenues and allow you to overcome obstacles, it's also an invaluable puzzle solving skill throughout the game.

What we learned: Sometimes you need to look at a problem from a new, creative angle to find the solution. Even if that problem involves defying the laws of matter and physics.

3. Use Your Time Wisely

In Majora's Mask you only have three days to stop the moon crashing to Earth and destroying Termina, and though you can reset the timeline you lose all the progress you've made along the way. Just like life (except without the resetting part, unless you're a Buddhist we guess).

What we learned: Whilst Ocarina of Time taught us that growing up is an important and inevitable part of life, Majora's Mask taught us to use the time we have wisely - literally.

4. Accessories Maketh The Man

Too weak to handle heavy explosives? No stress sunshine, just go play a song for a grumpy Goron and get yourself a fancy bracelet! Fire Keese burning your shield? Get yourself a grown up Hylian Shield son. (Disclaimer: we accept no responsibility of the loss of life and limbs).

What we learned: While what really matters is inside, the more symbols of power and status you own the easier your adventure will be.

5. Potential Suitors Love An Adventurer

Seriously, who knew? Link has girls and ladies falling for him left right and centre, even when he's a little young to understand the mechanics of courtship (we're looking at you Ruto).

What we learned: Sometimes it's just confidence that you need, but it always helps to have some skill to back it up with. Also apparently ladies (and gentlemen) love it when you "hyaaaahhh" at them. Courtship.

6. Hearts Make You Stronger

Every time you overcome a big obstacle (sometimes saving an entire race of beings as a result) you're gifted with another heart container, increasing both your resilience and your life energy.

What we learned: It's cheesy but true, love makes the world go round. The more hearts you have in your possession the easier and more full your life will be (this by no means says that we advocate taking hearts from people, pretty sure that's frowned upon in the real world).

7. Music Can Change The World

You can cause storms and travel in time with the power of music. Can't wait for the dawn? There's a song for that. Need to open up a few doors (both physically and socially)? Zelda's Lullaby has got you covered. Gotta travel across the continent in the blink of an eye? Better start blowing on that ocarina son.

What we learned: Happiness can be found in the darkest of night if one only remembers to turn on the light, and it helps if you have a magical ocarina with which to do so (yeah, you betcha we just paraphrased Dumbledore there). Seriously though, if Ocarina of Time taught us anything it's that music is a type of magic by itself.

8. Owls Might Be Wise, But They're Also Annoying

Another great source of anger management training is that darned Kaepora Gaebora. Sure, he may be wise, but does he need to keep repeating himself so much? Mashing A has never been so dangerous.

What we learned: Some people - no matter how clever and wise they may be - just like to hear themselves talk. It can't be avoided if you want to profit from their wisdom though, so sometimes it's better to just grin and bear it. Especially if they're old and sage like. Seriously, go visit your elders.

9. Masks Have Power

From Majora's Mask to The Wind Waker (and even hiding on the wall in your house in Link Between Worlds), masks are a staple of The Legend of Zelda universe. They can be used to hide your true face, to grant yourself powerful abilities, or just as a fun pastime trading with friends.

What we learned: Masks are an important and useful tool socially and politically, allowing you to gain power and status. But be careful what happens when you take them off, because some masks corrupt absolutely. And make sure to keep an eye on the moon...

10. Family and Friends Are Everything

Sister kidnapped by a giant bird? Take to the high seas to find her. Princess imprisoned by the Great King of Evil? Time to nut up or shut up. Friends turned into paintings? Get your passport cause we're traveling dimensions to rescue them from a clown's worst nightmare.

What we learned: Sure they're a pain sometimes, but the people closest to us are worth the effort. Even if that effort means you have to turn into a wolf sometimes to protect them.

Bonus: Be Wary Of Chickens

Last but not least, watch out for those [email protected]*king Cuccos. Seriously, those things are not to be messed with.

What did you learn from The Legend of Zelda? Tell us in the comments below!


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