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My Name is Bilbo Baggins. No wait. I am Dr. Watson here to treat you all. Or. You can just call me an emotional mess. Yeah. Bear with my Bi-
Manan Mistry

Everyone knows this. The trailers have turned on the geek mode. It's time to buckle up.

As it is evident from the trailers, the bad blood between Supes and Bats is gonna be the main plot with WonderWoman playing the peacemaker (probably)

Doomsday is almost certainly the product of Lex Luthor's evilness and cunningness.

But the most interesting part of the movie will be Batman.

*Hey! Everyone knows that*

Stay with me for a while.

The comic book batman has relied mainly on his stealth and his ability to instill fear. The movement and agility is surely there in the movie (courtesy: the latest trailer)

I think that Snyder should use the fear element with Ben Affleck's batman. Everyone would like to see our mighty Kal-El getting confused, dazed and frightened because of the Bat's tac and skills.

Well. Who would not like to see Superman getting the "Electro Convulsive Therapy" similar to that in The Dark Knight Rises (Animated series)

This movie is certainly going to show us the more darker side of the dark knight. Damn. The guy is moving around breaking necks in a desert.(Intense fight scenes right there)

If this is the out of control Batman then what kind of a Bruce Wayne will we see when he faces off the maniacal Joker?


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