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Batman vs Superman is scheduled to be released at 25th match. Fans from all around the world have been wondering for a long time as to how long the runtime might be. Previously we got assumptions and estimation regarding the runtime of this film. But, there wasn't any official confirmation . But, now we do have the confirmation.

AMC Theaters has announced the runtime. And it’s a long one. The movie will run for 2 hours and 31 minutes. I think almost all the fans assumed that it’s going to be a 2 hours+ movie. As Zack Snyder always tends to make lengthy movies! This movie is at-least 10 minutes longer than any Marvel movie released till date. Yet 10 minutes shorter than Snyder’s Watchman ( 2009 ) and only 3 minutes longer than man of steel.

It’s hard to say how the runtime will affect the movie. But, many fans are confused and think that it should be shorter. Deadpool’s 108 minutes success runtime is being mentioned all around the universe regarding to this topic. But, you have to understand the scenarios are different. Batman vs Superman is a long anticipated movies. Something the fans has been waiting for since like around 2007-8. This features 2 of the biggest superhero in the history to face off for the first in a live film. Not only that we have bunch of other superheroes and major super villains making appearance in this movie like – Wonder woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Lex Luthor, Doomsday and I am expecting some surprises. No way could all these characters could be covered in lengths as short 108 minutes and BVS is a highly plot dependant movie contrary to Deadpool. So, Deadpool’s runtime can’t be an ideal to follow in this case.

Batman is being played by Ben Affleck. And DC would certainly give him a lot of screen time and back-story. You have to consider all that. If you do consider all these you will see their reasoning behind the runtime.

As you know some DC haters are moaning that this film will incur loss due to their budget and duration combination. Seriously ? I can’t believe there are people in this world who believes a ‘Batman vs Superman’ film can’t get 200 Million $ back. I am not even arguing on that point.

But, yes there are some legit queries about if they could make more profits by taking certain steps. Well, we have to understand that DC works with a very large view. Just for example, let’s say if DC did this one thing different they could have made 2% profit. But, what they think is let this 2% go. But, our movie must feature these certain sub plots or these certain scenes that will help to do another 5 spin-off movies. And make the fans more interested for upcoming movies which will eventually turn out to be the most profitable thing to do in the long run. There’s also a matter of keeping their brand image and following certain principles.

However, let’s put all that aside. This movie that we have been waiting for years is finally coming out on 25th march! Let’s all just hope for the best.

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